Explosion of proletarian strikes hit China in the 2023

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published in A Nova Democracia (AND) in 22th May.

In the first five months of 2023, at least have been 130 strikes in several Chinese factories, according to data of China Labour Bulletin (CLB), available by the press monopoly, The Guardian. According to this data, just in the manufacturing sector of the country, were registered 142 protests and strikes. The number of 130 strikes means more than double of registered strikes in China in the whole 2022. This points out that there is a new world historical epoch: explosions of proletarian strikes and people’s struggles in the whole planet, which oppose and hit deeply the world imperialist system, that at this moment is going trough its worst crisis in its whole history.

The strikes, mainly in a local scale, happen in industries of several sectors, mobilizing thousands of Chinese proletarians, victims of the brutal super-exploitation by the social-fascist regime of Xi Jinping and the revisionist Communist Party of China. The major concentration of these mobilizations is around the factories of electronic devices for exportation, followed by the clothes industry, toys and automotive.

This generalized explosion of proletarian protests in China happens as direct result of the imperialism’s crisis without precedents and its effects on the Chinese economy. With the data of economical activity going worst, the Chinese companies are applying new strategies in order to exploit even more the workers to keep their benefits. Its noticeable that the main part of the proletarian mass mobilized its in the industries for exportation, pointing out that the struggle of Chinese workers point out the seriousness of the situation and the potential in order to overthrow the whole world imperialist system.

According to the own data of CLB, the main reasons for the mobilizations are: the unpaid wages or paid out of time, the massive layoffs without compensation or payment and strategies to force the renounce of the workers. An example is the companies whose, for not pay the compensations for fire the workers, they transfer the workers to far regions in order to force their renounce. If the workers don’t renounce and also refuse to be transferred because its impossible to move or carry their family, the companies are promoting the cancel of tickets to access to the factory and claim if the worker don’t go to the new factory, will be an absence. If the worker accumulates three consecutive absences, the company will consider that this worker it’s fired.

Its added to this facts, the precarious relations established with the workers of work agencies, the massive layoffs and the lack of rights suffered for the “temporary workers”. Was the case of the workers of Foxconn, factory which in November of 2022 was witness of a big proletarian revolt regarding misleading contracts, which opposed to the repressive forces social-fascist forces. It happens also in the case of service workers, as the motorcycle delivery men, subjugated to misery wages and precarious work conditions, with work shifts under strong and dangerous rains. The motorcycle delivery men was one of the sectors who mobilized at the beginning of 2023, with a massive strike made in April.

Proletarian strike at Foxconn, in November of 2022.

Bearing the super-exploitation and the weight of the crisis which is growing more, the Chinese proletariat echoes of revolt and wishes of working masses in the whole world. In midst of this explosion of mobilizations, the revolutionary wishes for the return of Socialism (which was in China between 1949 and 1976) also are growing in China. After the working rebellion at the Foxconn factory last year, and two months before the multiple revolts of the Chinese proletarian in 2023, were registered paintings in several points of China, honoring the great communist leaderships of China and Peru, and against the fascist president of China, Xi Jinping.

The painting says: “Defend Chairman Mao with the blood and the life! Defend Chairman Gonzalo with the blood and the life! Long Live to the theory of Protracted People’s War!”. Photo: Ci-ic

To desperation of all the imperialists and reactionaries, the revolutionary situation in development confirms completely these lines that Chairman Mao Tsetung pointed out at the end of the 1970’s decade. Affirmed that, in the case of the counterrevolution tomase the power in Popular China, it would not be long of the “Marxist-Leninist Party would convert in a revisionist and fascist party would change the color in whole China”. In this case, “if the leaf turns, and I believe it did, against the revolution. Again would be necessary the guerrilla warfare… Again Yenan…”

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