Norwegian Intelligence Service provoked 2022 Oslo shooting

Featured image: Memorial for the victims of the 2022 Oslo shooting. Source: Tjen Folket Media.

On the 25th of June 2022 two people were killed and 21 were injured at a shooting in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The attack was directed against a gay bar during the celebration of pride. The shooter have been identified to be a supporter of the Islamic State. In a recent report evaluating the handling of the situation more detail were made public. The report concluded that there could have been multiple opportunities for the police to have prevented the shooting from taking place, and they received severe criticism for their lack of action.

There has also been criticism against the role of the military intelligence service, but the Norwegian State decided that the evaluation should be limited to the police. The military intelligence service knew about the shooter and they were aware that there was an imminent threat of a Islamic terror attack in Norway. The military intelligence service had shared some of their information with the intelligence service of the police, the PST. The PST did not act on the information and did not share it with the other sections of the police.

However the Norwegian Intelligence Service did not only fail to act, it has been revealed that the they had actively provoked the shooter. The media reports that, an intelligence agent, portraying himself as a representative from the Islamic State, had long conversations with a Norwegian supporter of the Islamic State that was involved in planing the attack.

The defense lawyer of the shooter has stated the following about the role of the Norwegian Intelligence Service: “The military intelligence service encourages the perpetrators to do what was done, and celebrated them for what they were going to do. Many days before the attack took place.”

In another report from Norwegian media it was revealed that the perpetrators had asked the “Islamic State” for permission before the attack and to afterwards claim the attack. The agent had given their support for the attack and said that it should be successful and deal a blow to the non-believers.

Contrary to the fact that it has been revealed that the police and intelligence services did not act on the information they had, and that they even encouraged the attack, they are now attempting to take advantage of the shooting to further themselves. The police, the military and some politicians are calling for more resources and more authority over individuals, Tjen Folket Media informs. The leader of the intelligence service of the police even stated that preventing all attacks like this would be impossible without a police State.

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