On a bad article

We have decided to remove the article titled “Peru: 16 more victims of genocide identified” which we published some days ago. The reason is that the article is a result of bad journalism, as a result of superficial investigation and falsely understood “objectiveness” the campaign of psychological warfare of the imperialists and the reactionary Peruvian State is given credibility. Also the article have other faults, but we consider them to be of secondary importance.

In order to clarify the errors of the article we highlight two parts:

“As an example, the Communist Party of Peru reported in 1991 that mass murders of peasants, including children and elderly, was widespread in the villages of the regions of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Junín, San Martín, Puno and Lima with over a hundred murdered just in the year 1990.The Armed Forces also claimed that some of the murders and other crimes were committed by the PCP.”

Two errors: 1) Thousands sons and daughters of the Peruvian people were killed by the reactionary Armed Forces in 1990, the mishandling of a quote of the PCP gives the impression that it was less and so covers up the actual reality, and 2) the claims of the reactionary Armed Forces – only speaking about the “Armed Forces” in this case is also a grave error, since there was both the Armed Forces of the Old State and those of the New State, reactionary and revolutionary respectively – which are trough and trough false, are left without refutation. To publish lies and not refuting them is not “to have an objective attitude”, “at best” it is dilettantism: “alternative facts” are not news, they are just fake.

“In 2001, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created by the Peruvian State to try to analyze the armed conflict and be able to “reunite” the country. In this, the majority of crimes, 46%, are attributed to the PCP while those committed by the Armed Forces are reduced to only 20%, despite aforementioned facts that show the systematic use of genocide solely by the Peruvian State against the revolution and the people. The implication of the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” is that everyone is guilty and therefore both parties have to reconcile and forgive.”

So called “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions”, which particular name may vary in the different countries, where such are set up, are instruments of the policy of “pacification”, that is: instruments of “Low Intensity Warfare” counter-insurgency strategies. The “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” in Peru was set up directly by mandate of imperialist States, paid and directly led by these. Its objectives was, among others, to cover up the direct leading role of US-imperialism in the genocidal practices of the reactionary Armed Forces, which includes the active combat participation of US Special Forces like “Navy Seals” and others, as well as the all-presence of the CIA during the 1990’s, but also the role of the “advisors” from Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany; to white-wash all the Armed Organs of the Old State; to white-wash all the reactionary Parties of Peru, putting all “the blame” on “bad elements” in the Army and the Fujimori/Montesinos clique, and so on and so forth. It is simply false that it “was created by the Peruvian State to try to analyze the armed conflict and be able to “reunite” the country”. The “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”, was, is and will be nothing else than a tool in the counterrevolutionary War against the Peruvian People and its proletarian vanguard, the PCP.

We apologize to our readers for the bad article and we hope this clarification serves as a correction. We promise to heighten our political vigilance and strive to overcome the types of errors made.

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