Actions on the Day of Heroism

The Day of Heroism was celebrated all over the world for the 37th time, remembering the struggle of the political prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru in the prisons of Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao. Leading up to the 19th of June, political prisoners revolted in the prisons against a genocide being planned, and gave their life in the struggle against the troops sent to massacre them by the president Alan García Perez on the 19th of June 1986.

The Peru People’s Movement (MPP) published a statement on the occasion:

“In this solemn occasion, we greet the ICL and our invincible and victorious People’s War and the current People’s Wars, which against all the obstacles, they continue their invincible march, as the People’s War in India, Turkey and Philippines. People’s War which shows the way to follow for the ones who are not born yet, serving to the World Revolution and to persist in uphold, defend and apply the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism; People’s War, which are the shining beacon for the current armed struggles of liberation and others which are liberating the international proletariat and the peoples of the world to sweep imperialism and reaction from the Earth.

(…) This occasion is also good to, once more, distinguish, crush and sweep the revisionist and capitulationist Right Opportunist Line (ROL) in Peru, as a head of the new world revisionism, who denies the semi-colonial and semi-colonial character of the Third World countries, saying that these ones are not anymore semi-colonial or semi-feudal due to the “neo-liberalism” applied since the beginning of the 90’s of the past century, and in the case of Peru, also because with the People’s War, the semi-feudal relations were destroyed and Peru would be transformed into a dependent capitalist and then, “the current struggle would be for the democratic rights, new constitution and sovereignty”. These renegades deny the established by Maoism and by Gonzalo Thought: as long as the democratic revolution has not achieved taking the Power in the whole country, the domination of imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism and semi-feudality will be not destroyed. (…) Thus, the ROL denies the revolution as a main tendency, denies the new wave of the world revolution, denies the strategic offensive of the revolution itself, denies the main contradiction, denies the democratic revolution, denies the problem of the land in the Third World countries, and therefore, denies the world proletarian revolution. They are counter-revolutionary renegades, anti-maoists and anti-gonzalo thought. The ROL from 1993 until now, serve to all of the governments in turn of the old Peruvian State.

Our heroes are calling us, crushing the reaction and revisionism, to achieve the general reorganization of the Party, fulfilling of which will be a great victory for the Party in all the aspects, mainly in the development of the People’s War, in order for its eternal flame to continue burning threatening and unstoppable, and the burning flames to continue extending everywhere” (Our translation)

We publish a compilation of actions done.


Actions were carried out alongside actions for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, who fought for the liberation of Lebanon and Palestine and has been kept since 1984 in prison in France.


The Storming the Heavens collective (A l’Assaut du Ciel) published a remastered and subtitled in French version of the documentary People of the Shining Path, which offers a view on the People’s War and also on the struggle of the political prisoners in 1992.


In Madrid, slogans “El Frontón, El Callao, Lurigancho – Honor and eternal glory to the fallen heroes!” and “Long live the Day of Heroism!” were painted.


The Popular Women’s Movement of Brazil (MFP) published a statement honoring the heroes of the Peruvian people and the People’s War in Peru.

“In 1986 the newly “elected” APRA shift government headed by García Pérez intended to deal a devastating blow to the People’s War in Peru. As part of the counterinsurgency plan, they schemed to transfer prisoners from Lurigancho, El Frontón and Callao (the latter a female prison), to the “modern” Canto Grande, a true concentration camp, slaughterhouse and torture. There, the old Peruvian State planned to assassinate the prisoners secretly. But contrary to behaving like gentle sheep going to the slaughter, the revolutionaries decided to resist the sinister plan of genocide, starting preparations against it many months before in the three prisons: they built machetes, metal-headed spears, bows and arrows, stone-throwing crossbows, molotov cocktails and explosives, “bulletproof vests” made with cafeteria trays; they protected some internal walls and windows with reinforced concrete, built an underground compartment capable of holding 150 people; took some guards as hostages and expropriated some firearms.

The PCP and the prisoners knew that even with preparation, the resistance would face numerous difficulties – by the very objective factor of the situation of imprisonment – and the great disproportion with enemy forces and their means of warfare. However, that was not what it was about, it was to unmask before Peru and the around the world the reactionary and genocidal character of the Peruvian bureaucratic-landlord State, its shift governments and their Armed Forces, all servants of imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism. The enemy could commit the greatest barbarities and reap the lives of hundreds of the best sons and daughters of the Peruvian people, as indeed it did, but it had to do it in broad daylight, at an enormous political cost and reaping a resounding defeat.


The brilliant examples of commitment and heroism by President Gonzalo and the rebel prisoners from Frontón, Lurigancho and Callao will follow inspiring revolutionaries for centuries and are the highest proof that:

It is right to rebel!

The imperialists and all reactionaries are paper tigers!

The masses can do anything!” (Our translation)


In Hamburg, a rally was held by organizations from the Federal Republic of Germany, Turkey and Iran, commemorating the struggle of political prisoners all over the world. The Red League participated with a banner with the slogans “Long live the Day of Heroism! Honor and glory to the fallen heroes! Long live the revolution!” and a speech celebrating the Day of Heroism.

A rally was held by the Red League in Bremerhaven under the slogan “Against the wave of price increases and militarism!”. In the speeches also the Day of Heroism was commemorated. Many masses were interested in the rally and some joined spontaneously, taking up signs with demands against militarism and price increases.


In Tampere, posters were spread with the slogans “Long live the Day of Heroism! Unite under Maoism! Death to revisionism! Honor to the fallen heroes!”

Source: Punalippu
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