France on Fire, again

Cops fail to evict a street in Nanterre. Source: dpa, Aurelien Morissard

The murder of Nahel Merzouk by French cops still spurs the class-hatred of the masses in France. We earlier reported on the struggle and will continue to do so.

As usual in such a case the victim is tried to be turned into a dangerous criminal by the police and the media. But a video of the incident was released on social media, which proved the murderers liars. The story about shooting in self-defense was shattered. Nahel tried to escape and the cops cold-blooded shot him at point-blank range in his chest. La Cause du Peuple revealed that the murderer, Florian Menesplier, is a decorated man, who received the bronze medal of the sécurité intérieure for his “courage” in the struggle against the Yellow Vests on December 10, 2020.

Another usual aim of the media monopolies is to undermine the just rebellion of the masses, by calling the spontaneous outburst unjust and senseless, but the facts speak another language.

In Nanterre itself the police was attacked by residents with fireworks during the night following the day of the murder. The same night the cops faced fierce attacks by the masses in Paris. In Mantes-la-Jolie, a town 40 km northwest of Paris, the town hall was torched on the night of June 27 and burned for several hours until the early morning. For only the first night the statistics count at least 20 police officers injured and 10 police cars damaged.

The next day the uproar spread across the country. East of Paris the Montreuil Town Hall was attacked. A prison was also under attack. Heavy clashes against the cops were also reported from Toulouse’s Reynerie district. The statistics for Wednesday counts: attacks on 27 national police stations (including 7 by arson), 4 police barracks, 14 municipal police stations (including 10 by arson), 8 town halls, 6 schools, and 6 public buildings.

On Thursday the Clichy-sous-Bois town hall has been set on fire by the revolting masses. This day the rebellion crossed the national borders and flooded into the Belgian capital Brussels. The effected district of Anneessens, saw barricades erected and at least 29 arrested.

Until late Friday 40,000 policemen and paramilitary units were ordered to the streets. Also the RAID anti-terrorism unit was deployed, Yeni Demokrasi reported. More than 900 people were reportedly detained and around 200 cops injured. CNN counted 200 government buildings having been vandalized, including police and paramilitary stations, town halls and schools. The interior ministry stated 79 police posts were attacked over Friday night, as well as 119 public buildings, including 34 town halls and 28 schools, adding that there had been more than 3,880 fires on public roads, compared with 2,391 on Wednesday.

One can only conclude, that the outburst of the class-struggle in France is not only justified, but also has a clear direction even-though it is spontaneous. The rebellion directly confronts and attacks the State’s institutions and the repression organs, those who are responsible for the misery the masses have to live in France today. The revolutionaries play their role in the recent uprising:

The situation is serious for the French State, again. The period of calm was quite short, only two months ago the large struggles against the pension reform hit the country. Now, the US State Department issued a security alert covering France, the UK issued a travel advisory and German authorities also advised its citizens to “find out about the current situation where you are staying at and avoid large-scale places of violent riots.” Even the UN’s so-called human rights office turned somehow against the French State’s all-out racist police violence. While President Macron after an emergency meeting tried to calm down the situation, what hardly worked out, the National Police Union Alliance preferred to fuel the fires calling the protesters “savage hordes”. Other French authorities claimed that whole of France is at stake.

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