Israel continues its genocidal policy

Featured image: Israeli soldier stops the entry of an ambulance, provoking the death of a Palestinian. Source: Al Jazeera

During this July the attacks in occupied West Bank has continued. We have already reported that during July a big military operation in the city of Jenin took place. However, since then the attacks of the Israeli Army have not ended and more murders are counted. The Israeli State continues alleging that those are “anti-terrorist” actions or making up fake attacks against their troops, so they can justify their genocidal policy.

On 20th of July a Palestinian was killed in Nablus, occupied West bank. The killed Palestinian was shot while confronting Israeli forces and settlers as part of the national resistance struggle of Palestine. The same day, four Palestinians were also injured, two of them critically after clashes with Israeli forces.

The next day, Friday, 21st of July, it was reported that two Palestinian teenagers were killed near Ramallah, in occupied West Bank. In this case one of the murdered, a 17-year-old boy was shot in the head by Israeli forces during unrest in the village of Umm Safa. Also it was reported that ammunition, tear gas and grenades were shot during the protest of the inhabitants, that threw rocks and stones to Israeli forces. It was confirmed that one person was wounded by the shots, but there is no more detail. They alleged that the person wounded would have thrown a bomb. The same day, during the night, the second murder happened. An 18-year-old boy that was driving with a friend. In the Armed Force’s version, it was an “intended assault” in Sebastia village. However, the family of the murdered denied that he attacked, but that it was an ambush by the Israeli army.

Car of the murdered. Source: Al Jazeera

Also on 25th of July three murders by Israeli army in Nablus, northern occupied West Bank, were reported. Israeli Army claimed that “three terrorists” opened fire against their troops in a neighborhood of Nablus and their troops retailed the fire to “neutralized them”. But Palestinian press characterized the incident as an ambush by the Israeli Army, after a supposed action of Palestinian in a Jewish settlement. Also there were images ´shown of the blocked highway, even for medics. Afterwards, Hamas has recognized the three murdered as members of the organization. Israeli Army claims to have gathered M16s from their car.

Only during this year more than 205 Palestinian were murdered by Israeli Forces in the occupied territories, that includes East Jerusalem and Gaza. And among them 164 from occupied West Bank only. 31 of the 205 killed were underage.

The Israeli army also attack and persecute the media that reveal their actions. On 15th of July the photo-reporter Basel Adra was detained. The detention was done while he documenting settler’s aggression against Palestinians. In that moment Israeli army detained and cuffed him, blindfolded him and demanded the conveyance of his working material as Solrojista denounced.

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