Turkey: Six detained and new attacks in Kurdistan

Featured image: Protesters of Saturday Mothers surrounded by police. Source: English bienat

Past 22nd of July police attacked once again a protest of the Saturday Mothers in Dersim. This protest is to denounce the disappearance and killings committed by the State during the military coup in 1980 and during the 1990ies. It is not the first time that this protests are attacked, because they have been banned in the past. Also they have fined the protesters with huge amounts of money in the past to criminalize their struggle.

Last Saturday, the group tried to march to Galatasaray Square. But the demonstration was banned and the police surrounded the group and detained all of them. The democratic newspaper Yeni Demokrasi has denounced that six people has been detained, and also cases of detentions under torture. This detentions were made under the Law of Demonstrations and Marches No 2911. Already in 2019, the Constitutional Court of Turkey stated that those demonstrations could not be banned and that this would be a violation of the freedom of assembly. However, nothing has change since then and the detentions still occur.

A person detained in the attack on the demonstration on Saturday. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

The Turkish State continues its repression against anyone who dares to doubt a little bit on it. Even more so those who expresses their doubts. No matter if it is just a mother demanding justice for her murdered son or an organization subjugated to the very same master, but not align with the recent government.

Hence, the Turkish State has been carrying out a new offensive against the Kurdish national liberation movement, inside the Turkish State territory as well as on Iraqi State territory. Recently, there were several actions in the area, as the attack and capture of two HPG-Guerillas (Hêzên Parastina Gel) in Şırnak, in southern Turkey. In addition, on 19th and 21st of July the HPG claimed two armed actions in which they eliminated 16 Turkish soldiers and destroyed a combat helicopter.

There were also reportedly killings by the Turkish State against the guerrillas of the national liberation movement of Kurdistan. On Friday 21st of July, the Turkish State announced that it has been localized three guerrillas of the PKK and that they had been “neutralized” in northern Iraq. Yeni Demokrasi also denounced that during the military operations in the Munzur mountains, two alleged guerrillas of the HPG were killed. They denounced that the bourgeois-feudal press media shared this information of the two persons, but the HPG has not done any statement until today.

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