Turkey: Work in Dersim Villages with Studies on Organization

Partizan has continued its work in Hozat, Ovacık, Pertek and Nazımiye districts of Dersim, where they have distributed leaflets and newspapers. Their report on Yeni Demokrasi says that they have also talked with the masses about different topics: the electoral farce and how it has not changed the people’s life, only left them hopeless and insecure, and the “immigration problem” and how the youth is leaving the villages because of work. They also report how the masses embrace Partizan and describe the Partisans as part of their “tradition”.

Partizan also denounces the plunder of the nature, especially in the Dersim area. They denounce that there is more than 150 mining projects who get profit from the destruction of the nature in the area. In addition to the collaborators that have worked with those who destroyed the forest during the 1990s and nowadays they also get profit of it. All supported by the State through its military police.

They end up highlighting the necessity of continuing this work with the masses to be able to increase the revolutionary consciousness: “What we lack in the current situation is revolutionism, revolutionary principles and revolutionary struggle. We can see more clearly in our visits how necessary it is to enlarge this struggle. In every area where the revolutionary struggle has weakened, the most despicable side of the system is revealed. In its most reactionary and barbaric aspect, it tries to oppress the people. Today, even a villager in mountain villages spread our newspaper and discussions, organization becomes more valuable to us. This is what the masses need today more than ever. Every step we take to tighten our bonds is a stepping stone to our revolution. The picture we see in the villages is that the masses are looking for us, the revolutionaries. As long as we connect with the masses on the right basis, with the right policy, and perpetuate these efforts.”

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