Colombia: new actions of the solidarity campaign with the revolutionaries and rebels imprisoned in France.

For some time, we have been following the international campaign done in different countries against the repression of the French State in front of the social outburst caused by Nahel’s death. Thousands of revolutionaries and rebels are imprisoned because of this repression. As we have previously reported, from different parts of the world people have shown the spirit of proletarian internationalism in front of the imprisoned with this great campaign.

The site of the newspaper Nueva Democracia of Colombia has reported new actions with the slogan “Support the revolutionaries and rebels imprisoned in France! It isright to rebel!”. The newspaper adds: “Revolutionaries in Colombia have also joined this campaign, first they read and discussed some articles and data about the uprising in France and about the murder of popular youth and social leaders by the old Colombian State and later they hung up posters all over the Antioquia University in Medellin”. Together with the posters on France they hung up posters denouncing murders committed by the police of the Colombian State of popular youth, such as the case of Erik Melo, Daniel Ibañez or Zamir.

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