New attacks against the National Liberation Struggle of Palestine

Israel continues the attacks on Palestine, especially against the National Liberation Movement, but also on the people. Also they applied different punishment for participating in any way in the struggle. During past months there has been an increase of the attacks of Israel on Palestine because of the increase of the actions of the national liberation groups as a consequence of the continuous attacks by the illegal Israeli settlers. You can read our past article on the previous attacks on Palestine here.

On August 8th Israeli forces demolished the home of a Palestinian in the refugee camp of Nablus after he allegedly participated in the killing of two Israeli settlers last February. During the Israeli aggression 60 Palestinians neighbors – including 20 children – were detained. This incident led to big confrontations between the people of the refugee camp and the Israeli army, were 185 people needed to be medically attended because of gas suffocation and six Palestinians were wounded, one of them by live ammunition.

During the past two weeks, raids has been very common, nearly everyday there has been one and most of the occasions Palestinians has been murder by Israeli forces. On August 10th Israeli forces killed a fighter of the National Liberation Movement in a raid near Nablus. Other two young Palestinian men were killed during a raid in the refugee camp raid of Jericho on August 15th. They were killed also by gunfire, in this case in the chest. The raid lasted less than an hour.

On August 16th the Israel army made a raid in the refugee camp of Nablus and blew up a building. The residents of the building says in a declaration that they could not even get their ID card or the school bags. “We are now homeless” said one evicted father. This aggression officially occurred because a man wanted by Israel lived there. More than 80 Palestinians suffered from tear gas and needed medical attention and dozens were injured. Later that day, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas against Palestinians in the eastern part of the city. Illegal Israeli settlers frequently storm Nablus to pray and the Israeli army ‘protect’ them to do it. In this case, they shot a Palestinian man, three times in the chest and two times in the legs.

The next day, on August 17th, Israeli forces also made another raid against one fighter of the National Liberation Movement. They shot him to death. The father of the fighter stated that he was wanted by Israeli authorities immediately after he was released from an Israeli jail six months ago. After killing him they blew up the home where he lived.

Home of a fighter of the national liberation movement blew up by Israeli army. Source: Al Jazeera

While Israel is continuously attacking the people of Palestine, it still receives financial support from other imperialist countries, mainly US but also from Germany. On August 18th, US approved the Israeli sell of air defense missiles, Arrow A3, to Germany for $3.5 billions. With full pride, Germany says that this is a really good advance, ‘because only 80 years ago the Holocaust happened’ and nowadays both States are collaborating together. What Germany is not mentioning is the massacre, persecution and plunder that the Israeli State is doing against the Palestinian people.

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