Immediate freedom for Diego!

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of a call by CEBRASPO, Brazil. We have reported on the case earlier.



In the month of July, the young Diego was arrested by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, on a raid.

At the time of the detention Diego was working as a mototaxi-driver, and was surprised by the possession of the passenger who Diego through his work, was carrying on the bike.

We, the Brazilian Center for Solidarity of the Peoples (CEBRASPO), reject the way it has been the persecution and criminalization of Diego developed, his family until today has been denied to visit him, and the process continues with several illegalities.

We summon all to defend and add to this campaign of freedom for Diego, denouncing that the State and its institutions have persecuted and criminalized mototaxi-workers. Such hosts has as motivation a clear class prejudice against the poor and hardworking people. We will not accept!

Immediate freedom for Diego!

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