New Actions in Support of the arrested Revolutionaries and Rebels in France

Featured image: young people holding posters in Austria. Source: Rote Fahne

There are more actions done in the last days in solidarity with the arrested revolutionaries and rebels in France. We have previously reported on that.

We have received a picture of an action made in Chile, with the following explaining text: “We send pictures of an action made by a detachment of the Revolutionary Front of Ñuble in the city of Chillan, in solidarity with the revolutionaries and rebels jailed in France.”

Dazibao made in Chillan, Chile. It reads: Support for the Rebels and Revolutionaries jailed in France. It is right to rebel!

Also there have been many actions done in Austria: posters and leaflets were distributed, numerous activists made pictures with posters of support to the revolutionaries and rebels jailed, etc. The newspaper Rote Fahne highlights that the campaign was welcomed by the masses: there were many young people interested, and they joined the denounce of the French State and the support to the revolutionaries and rebels jailed. Also there were many other people interested and participated.

In Freiburg, Germany a graffito was done:

Freiburg, Germany. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

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