Ecuador: Second electoral round. The people is between the hammer and anvil

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Frente de Defensa de Luchas del Pueblo en el Ecuador [Defense Front of Struggles of the People of Ecuador] found here.

The first round in presidential election is finished. All is reduced to the inter-bourgeois contradictions. Noboa, on the comprador bourgeois side; González, on the bureaucratic side. Additionally to this electoral trash, the opportunism of Yaku Pérez, another bastard son of the indigenous movement. The opportunist candidates of the Partido Socialista [translator’s note: Socialist Party] and Unidad Popular [Translator’s note: People’s Unity] Atarihuana, were consigned to the dustbin. There is no space left for revisionism inside the scenario of the people who is only interested in the number of votes that the government system gives them, the representative democracy – another instrument of the old bureaucratic big landlord State.

As in the middle of the 19th century, the so-called oligarchic sectors where they inherited not only public positions, but also political positions, Daniel Noboa inherits from his father, Álvaro Noboa, the opportunity to make career in the administration of the apparatus of the old bureaucratic apparatus of the State.

Despite having won the fist round, the Correism looks vulnerable, weak and has a difficult time confronting a representative of the banking, merchants and big landlords. Regardless of who wins the second round of elections, nothing good awaits our people.

It would not be strange that there were more acts of violence in the electoral campaign. In the end, beyond the expectations of the big bourgeoisie of politically directing the State by the jurisdiction of its interests, the requirements of imperialism for the country and the region demands a more affable government, more friendly to its plans, and Noboa shows himself as the friendliest candidate for those purposes.

During these last years when the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism has sharpened, semi-feudality has evolved into new forms where the struggle for land has another potential element such as mining, the increase in agrarian frontiers for these purposes, a greater subjugation to Yankee imperialism that has become a clearer and more obvious condition of our country as a semi-colony. All this marks the conditions, so hard times are coming for our people. Violence overflows, the majority of dead people are from the masses, men and women from working class. Violence is paid by small and medium producers; the national bourgeoisie is greatly affected by the violent ones who collect taxes from them.

The second electoral round is coming, and the bourgeoisie will settle its contradictions, they will use the masses with offers, proposals and promises of change, of security; but no! Behind those their perverse interests can be find. The comprador-bourgeoisie wants to go further with the political conditions that allow the big national monopolies and the international monopolies to plunder the country even more, in order to allow imperialism to continue subjugating the national territory. The others, the bureaucrats, need resources, spaces of economic mobility to become stronger. There is a bureaucratic bourgeoisie that has high expectations in the State apparatus, who is waiting to have new ways to reproduce itself. In short, everything about the supposed will of our people, today conveyed to settle between cancer and HIV; between the hammer and the anvil. Unless we organize the anger and the misery, in a way that the State and its representatives, will not have more opportunities to return every four years to lie to the people.

We must insist on NOT VOTING; It is an ideological position, and we must support it at all costs.

New and harder problems are coming for our people, but the aim of the people is to struggle. Nothing is eternal, things change, not by the work and grace of the will of an individual and his short-range vision of objective reality; things change because reactionary violence must be confronted with revolutionary violence; because to the darkness propagated by the old bureaucratic big landlord State is confronted with the light of the purifying fire of the masses shown in the people’s war; the bourgeois democracy is confronted with the popular organization under proletarian leadership; the elections are confronted with boycott; death is confronted with life. It all depends on which side we decide to be on. On the side of the elections? It means being on the side of reaction and imperialism. On the side of the democratic path, of the people? It means being on the side of the future, of the revolution, of the new.



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