Brazil: Demonstration for Diego and repression against the historical Manoel Ribeiro Camp

Featured image: Demonstration for the inmediate freedom for Diego. Source: A Nova Democracia

Past August 23rd the demonstration against the unjust imprisonment of Diego was carried out. He is accused of transporting a rifle that was with the passenger that he transported as part of his work as mototaxi driver. Diego is a prisoner that has been arbitrary imprisoned by the Military Police (MP), also he is not allowed to have visits from his family since his unjust imprisoned in July. Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos [Brazilian Center for Solidarity of the Peoples – CEBRASPO] made a call that we published recently.

The Brazilian newspaper A Nova Democracia publishes the declaration of CEBRASPO: “We will not allow this to happen. Because we are here, in several entities, supporting the families, supporting all of them who today suffer from injustice in this country. One day Brazil is going to be from from all these despicable ones that wants to transform our country in a vast prison, in a cemetery. Down with the prison of comrade Diego! Diego is a worker!”

Also on August 25th a new audience for the trial of political persecution against the historical Manoel Ribeiro camp took place. This camp lead by Liga dos Camponeses Pobres [League of Poor Peasants – LCP] was attacked on 2021 by the repressive forces. Since this moment, the peasants Estefane, Ricardo, Ezequiel and Luiz Carlos has been politically persecuted, paying big amounts in bills and entering the jail for seven months. Now the comrades are on probation.

The four peasants are accused of using radios of restricted use, but those where put by the MP in the moment of the detention. LCP denounced in its previous statement: “All this repression because they participated in the historical Manoel Ribeiro Camp, between Corumbiara and Chupinguaia, struggling to free the last part of the old Santa Elina farm from the clutches of the big landowners”. You can read it in a previous article.

LCP also denounced in his statement how this is nothing more than a reaction of the old State who has no other way of stop those who struggle for the land: “Far from demonstrating strength, all the terrorism of the old State demonstrates its weakness, despair and the fear that the landlords and their bloodhounds have, that the masses of poor peasants without land or with little land will find a just and combative leadership, like the LCP, and like a torrent propel the Agrarian Revolution. As long as the land is concentrated in the hands of a handful of parasitic landowners, the peasants will lack it and they will continue to struggle, with ever more experience and willingness to use all the necessary means to conquer the land, their just goals and aspirations.”

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