Mexico: Report of the mobilization of August 30th

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Red Sun (Sol Rojo) published on their wepbage.

In the framework of the International Day of the detained and disappeared, the CP-Sol Rojo once again took to the streets, fulfilling the agreements of the National Popular Assembly (Asamblea Nacional Popular – ANP). The ANP, which was born in the framework of the struggle demanding that the 43 Ayotzinapa students of Teacher’s School should be presented alive, has also endorsed the demand for other comrades of the popular movement to be presented alive of other, such as Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, a member of our democratic organization.

In this sense, various mobilizations were registered, particularly in the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca and CDMx, where ANP contingents have once again given voice to this demand for truth and justice.

Source: Sol Rojo

In Oaxaca, the CP-Sol Rojo carried out various actions, here we render the report at the service of the popular masses.


Days prior to the mobilization of August 30th, in various regions of the state of Oaxaca, graffiti were made and posters were put up with the slogan #DrSernasPresentaciónConVida 5 years. These could be seen in the countryside and the city, in the streets and at the Benito Juárez de Oaxaca Autonomous University (UABJO) of which our comrade have been a professor.

As our democratic organization has said: “Those who thought to make our comrade disappear now have to see his face and read his name everywhere!” On the 30th, the SolRojistas contingents were deployed in different parts of Oaxaca. One of them gathered from 8:00 a.m. at the “Fuente de las 8 Regiones”, to participate in the united march where Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE [Translator’s note: Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación – Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación, the teachers union], the groups of relatives who are looking for their disappeared, the Marabunta Brigade and our CP-Sol Rojo. Another contingent joined the action of the movement for the students of teacher’s school to denounce the crimes committed against the people.

Source: Sol Rojo

The march in Mexico City started at 10:00 a.m. in the direction of the Constitution Square, making some informative stops distributing leaflets to the population regarding the situation of reactionary war against the people who live in our country and that have left the terrible number of 111.000 people disappeared up to this moment. In their path, some demonstrators sprayed banks and shops of transnational companies, also denouncing the national oppression and semi-coloniality that Mexico suffers in the hands of imperialism, mainly Yankee. It is important to remember that the economic, political and military intervention of gringo imperialism has encouraged the formation of paramilitary groups, strengthening the warlords who work for the balkanization of the country. This results in greater reactionary violence against the people, which translates into murders and disappearances throughout the national territory.

Source: Sol Rojo

Already in the Constitution Square, a combative rally was held where the various cases of disappearance that exist in Oaxaca were denounced, the inaction of the ministerial and government authorities, and the need for the head of the State Commission for the Search of Persons in Oaxaca to be dismissed, who so far has done absolutely nothing for the disappeared.


No major incidents were recorded other than some very specific cases of media provocation and lynching against teacher students and our CP-Sol Rojo, which has been common in recent years. The logic of the reactionaries has been “if they mobilize, rebuke them; if they persist, repress them.”

Also in Mexico City, some private security elements tried to mount attacks against the young people who were doing paintings, but they were simply rejected with the slogans of the people in struggle.

Source: Sol Rojo

Regarding both incidents, our position is, according to what Chairman Mao Tse Tung teaches us: “It is good if we are attacked by the enemy, since it proves that we have drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves. It is still better if the enemy attacks us wildly and paints us as utterly black and without a single virtue; it demonstrates that we have not only drawn a clear line of demarcation between the enemy and ourselves but achieved a great deal in our work.

Finally, the monopolies of the bourgeois press have tried in vain to erase the participation of our organization and the demand that our comrade be presented alive, minimizing the weight of the mobilizations. It doesn’t matter that our presence is “hidden”, it is not the first time that the “media” has been applied against the organizations of the people; the aim of this is to prepare the conditions for repression.

What the reactionaries forget is that the people support our struggle because it is born from it.

Source: Sol Rojo


The balance of our mobilization is positive, especially if we see it from the national and international context where there were also mobilizations against the tyranny, demanding the presentation alive of the comrades who have been disappeared.

Along this path, we will continue to strengthen ANP and those anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, and anti-electoral unity efforts. The correct thing is to continue demarcating fields with opportunism, reformism and contemporary revisionism that seek to corporatize the masses to take them to the electoral carriage and demobilization.

We appreciate the solidarity and support of the comrades of the Union of Indigenous Communities of the North Zone of the Isthmus (UCIZONI) who issued a statement in support of our struggle; Likewise, we appreciate the solidarity of the comrades of the Zapatista Indigenous Agrarian Movement (MAIZ), the comrades Mazatecas for Freedom and the Self-Defense Women of Eloxochitlán of Flores Magón. To each and all who accompany us, our gratitude and fraternal and combative appreciation.

Source: Sol Rojo

This is the class struggle and in it we develop, fighting and only fighting will we win!

Finally, we share with those who read us the leaflet that was distributed in the different activities.

To the working class and workers

To the poor peasantry and the original-oppressed peoples

To the women of the cities and the popular youth

To the families who search and those who suffer the absence of the disappeared

Today is August 30th the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE DETAINED AND DISAPPEARED, a date that does not celebrate anything, but arises precisely to shout the cry for truth and justice, rising high the demand of those who they have been taken from us to be presented alive.

Forced disappearance is a crime against humanity that has been practiced by anti-popular regimes that, with a demo-liberal or fascist mask, resort to the arbitrary detention and disappearance of democratic activists, people’s fighters, popular leaders and guerrilla combatants to try to silence the class struggle and the rebellion of the masses. Through this practice of terror in Latin America and other places of the world, hundreds of thousands of people have been disappeared from the second half of the 20th century to the present day, and in response to this, important movements have emerged led by relatives who demand their presentation alive, such as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Argentina and the Mothers of Saturday in Turkey, to quote just a couple of examples.

Today in Mexico there are more than 111,000 missing persons, a number that includes comrades from the popular movement and ordinary citizens, and is increasing day by day reflecting the war situation that our country has been experiencing since the period of the dirty war, going through the so-called “war against drugs” and the current militarization of public life. This is a real war against the people! where the popular masses continue to “be disappeared” and killed.

Mexico has become a huge clandestine grave where the two faces of the regime (legal and illegal) act in collusion to impose fear and oppression. It is not about “isolated” or simply “criminal” violence; It is a systematic violence, of a reactionary nature, that targets the people and their desire for freedom, and has clear political manifestations such as the balcanization of the national territory, the rupture of the community organization and State terrorism. This bloody mess is made possible with the use of armed groups, espionage, torture, networks of complicity and corruption that lower the political costs of tyranny, which cannot hide the omission and acquiescence of the authorities, and the direct and indirect participation of its armed forces; all this confirms one and another time that It was the State!

In our country there are emblematic cases documented by organizations such as the UN Committee against Forced Disappearance (CED), in which the participation of public servants and more specifically of police or military forces is corroborated. Examples of this are:

  • Forced disappearance of 43 students from the “Raúl Isidro Burgos” Rural Teacher’s School. Occurred on September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero.
  • Forced disappearance of the Doctor of Law and democratic lawyer Ernesto Sernas García. Occurred on May 10, 2018 in San Agustín de las Juntas, Oaxaca.

These two cases are part of the struggle agenda of the National Popular Assembly (ANP) in which the Committee of Fathers and Mothers of the 43, the Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico (FECSM) and the Corriente del Pueblo – Sol Rojo (CP-Sol Rojo), among other democratic organizations, that today in a united way we are taking to the streets and squares throughout the country with the same demand. They were taken away alive, we want themback alive!

Of course, there are many other cases of forced disappearance of comrades from the popular movement that it is important to continue claiming, such as Professor Víctor “Yodo” Pineda Henestrosa (July 11, 1978), Edmundo Reyes Amaya and Gabriel Alberto Cruz Sánchez (May 25). 2007) and Sergio Rivera Hernández (August 23, 2018), among others.

The fight for truth and justice is, in a concrete way, a just fight, and rejects by itself the blackmail of the State and the government that try to demobilize the people with speeches and demagogy that do not solve anything.

After five years in office, the government of the republic has not wanted to address the problem of forced disappearance in Mexico because it protects the reactionary armed forces of SEDENA [Translator’s note: Secretaría de Defensa Nacional, the Army and Air Forces] and SEMAR [Translator’s note: Secretaría de Marina, the Navy] which, since the dirty war to date, have feasted with the blood of our people. It was the State!

The government of Oaxaca also has no moral or political authority to address this issue when the State Commissioner for the Search for Disappeared Persons and the State Commissioner for Attention to Victims are absolutely ignorant and insensitive, the former does nothing to find the disappeared alive, and the second simply does not care for the victims. It was the State!

Neither the Attorney General of the Republic nor the state prosecutors, such as the one in Oaxaca, have had the commitment or the capacity to investigate these crimes, prioritize the search alive, much less identify the culprits, their action is delaying and focuses in the coroner’s search for bodies. It was the State!

In this sense, CP-Sol Rojo takes to the streets fulfilling the ANP agreements , making this August 30th a day of struggle and protest. We salute the families of all the disappeared persons in Oaxaca and in the country, we recognize the strength and courage with which they continue forward in the demand that we share for truth and justice.


5 years

Because they took him alive, we want him alive!

111,000 people: Enough is enough!

Whoever governs, we defend the people’s rights!

With the Red Sun the people will win!

Family of Dr. Ernesto Sernas García

Sol Rojo – Corriente del Pueblo

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