Turkey: Arbitrary detention of Partizan readers

Featured image: Partizan bloc at a demonstration. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

On September 26th, the revolutionary and democratic newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reported that Partizan readers had been detained in the city of Erzincan, Turkey.

This arrest have occurred completely arbitrarily, since as the newspaper denounces “the readers went from Istanbul to their hometown, Erzincan, when they were detained in a police raid at midnight.”

The democratic newspaper also denounces that soldiers and police who were not in uniform, but dressed in civilian clothes, told the detainees that they were detained, indicating that police had “received news that members of the organization had entered in to the town.” The arrested were later called to testify, and only after that, they were allowed to leave. Yeni Demokrasi also writes that the decision for the detention had come from the prosecutor’s office.

This is not the first raid the reaction have carried out against activists due to the political nature of the newspaper, defender of figures such as Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and democratic. In May this year, we reported on a coordinated operation in Dersim, Hatay and Istanbul. On that occasion there were twelve detainees and they received death threats and attempts at intimidation for weeks.

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