The Palestinian people continue struggling against the genocide by Israel

Featured image: Palestinian children sit amid the rubble of buildings destroyed by Israeli attacks. Source: Al Jazeera.

The “Al-Aqsa flood” counter offensive continues on its 11th day. While the people of Gaza is fighting to defend their lives in the ongoing bombing campaign by the State of Israel, brutally combined with a blockade, Israeli media constantly reports on rocket alerts in Israeli cities and missile and mortar attacks against Israel from Gaza and Lebanon. According to a report three Israeli soldiers were wounded by anti-tank missiles fire off from Lebanon.

The State of Israel continues their attempt of annihilating the struggle of the Palestinian National Resistance, by intensifying their genocide of the Palestinian people. According to numbers from Al Jazeera from the 16th of October at least 2,865 Palestinians are reported to have been killed, and at least 13,059 have been injured since. According to health authorities, around 1,200 people, 500 of which are minors are believed to be trapped under the rubble of building leveled by Israeli attacks. Just last night 80 people are reported to have died from Israeli air raids in Gaza. According to the UN, one million people have been displaced in Gaza. Hospitals are running out of fuel needed for generating power, and the 2.3 million people living in Gaza are running out of food and water. The people of Gaza are on average consuming just 3 liters of water, and some are digging wells and drinking contaminated water. According to the UN’s OCHA the wheat flour supply in Gaza is expected to run out in less than one week.

Overview of the casualties as of the 16th of October. Source: Al Jazeera.

We have written on the hypocrisy of the regimes of neighboring countries. In the emergency meeting of the Arab League and the US imperialism, a statement was put forward which condemned ”both sides” and nothing real was done to protest the genocide. Another example was again seen with the king of Jordan visiting Olaf Scholz in Berlin. “There will be no refugees in Jordan, and no refugees in Egypt,” said the king, claiming that the situation should be dealt with inside Gaza as among refugees there might be national resistance fighters who would ”create issues”. The lackeys of imperialists in the area are afraid of a wave of anti-imperialist struggle unfolding. They again and again raise the old ”two-state solution” – traitorous and false -, promoting ”peace” for the imperialists to murder and exploit. At the same time, US imperialism is preparing to ”confront tensions” in the area. On the 17th of October it was reported that the US has ordered preparations to deploy two thousand soldiers to this mission.

The Emir of Qatar is playing an important role in the diplomacy of the imperialists. The emir of Qatar has criticized Israel, but still, it works to pacify the situation, hosting US secretary of State Blinken and meeting with Scholz as well, and working with the negotiations over Israelis taken captive. Qatar is home to one of largest US military bases in the area, and has earlier worked as a mediator for the interests of US imperialism many times before in the ”Extended Middle East”.

With the weapons provided by especially US imperialism and also German, British and French imperialism, Israel is carrying out air strikes at the thousands who have come to seek way out at the Egyptian border. The corrupt regime of Egypt is constantly lying, claiming that the border crossing is open, and recently claiming a ceasefire had been negotiated. Egypt claims it cannot open the crossing because Israel is not cooperating, but in reality the crossing is managed by Egypt, which cannot and does not want to might its imperialist masters. At the same time, imperialists are crying crocodile tears about civilians and ”demanding” humanitarian aid to be delivered. This aid however cannot enter Gaza without Israel authorizing it – the border between Egypt and Palestine, not considered as Israeli territory, not even by Israel itself.

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