Yankees at war with Palestine

Two weeks have passed since the start of the counter-offensive of the Palestinian national resistance. Different armed groups of Palestinian national resistance are still firing missile barrages from Gaza at Israel, hitting for example Sderot, Tel Aviv and Netivot. In the north, the fighting is becoming more intense, with multiple rockets and anti-tank missiles launched from Lebanon and Israeli-occupied Lebenese territories, causing casualties among the Israeli forces. On the occupied West Bank, there are daily clashes between the Palestinians and the IDF and illegal settlers who are acting as its ”civilian” wing.

According to FOX News “Al Mayadeen TV” reported on Thursday that two U.S. military bases in Syria came under attack. The Al-Tanf base at Syria’s borders with Iraq and Jordan was attacked with a drone and the Conoco base in the countryside of the northern Deir al-Zor region was targeted by a missile. In Iraq, the U.S. intercepted three drones, targeting two different military bases, the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) confirmed. Two drones targeted the Ain al-Asad air base in Western Iraq. Another drone targeted a base in northern Iraq.

The attacks reportedly left on U.S. civilian military contractor, i.e. a Yankee mercenary, at al-Asad Air Base in Western Iraq dead.

It is reported that the USS Carney, a U.S. missile destroyer in the northern Red Sea, on Thursday intercepted four cruise missiles and 14 drones launched by the Houthis in Yemen, the Pentagon said were potentially headed toward targets in Israel. This was considered “the first U.S. military action taken to defend Israel”, which means that the Yankees are now officially a direct and full-scale belligerent of the war against Palestine and as such are legitimate (as before) and lawful targets for the combatants of the Palestinian National Resistance and their allies.

The USS Carney had just transited into the Red Sea through the Suez Canal on Wednesday. Hence, the Egyptian regime became even more guilty – while letting the people starve to death in Gaza they open their gates at the Suez for the aggressors.

Hamas released two civilian captives, and says they will release more if Israel stops bombing. Despite this, the bombing continues as brutal as before. Israel does not care about the captives; this has been said by the Israeli authorities: “We shall do all efforts to bring our hostages, to bring our hostages [back] alive…” said Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat, adding that the “first and last priority” is ”destroying Hamas” – or the Palestinian people he meant. US president Biden has also said that the ground offensive of Israel should not be delayed, even if it cost the life of the captives.

Meanwhile Israel faces severe internal contradictions that they try to cover up. They were somehow able to stop the protests against the “judicial reform” in the name of a national-unity-emergency-cabinet. But, there still is protest: two students studying at Haifa University were accused of being “supporters of terrorism” by the university administration and expelled from the school after they stated that civilians were being killed in Gaza. Even the slightest opposition in Israel is defined as “supporting terrorism”, Yeni Demokrasi reported.

Another issue is the decline of the Shekel. The global credit rating agency “Fitch” placed the country’s A+ credit score on rating watch negative. This move has resulted in a significant decline in the Israeli shekel and shares in Tel Aviv, underscoring the profound economic impact of war. For sure the imperialist accomplices will back Israel as they did before but this shows that not everything went so well for Israel as their trumpets of propaganda try to claim.

Nearly 4,500 Palestinians have died in the past two weeks. 70% of them are women and children. Israel has always used mass incarceration against the Palestinian national resistance. Now the amount of prisoners has doubled in just two weeks.

Israel has ordered to evacuate the Al-Quds hospital, in which 400 patients and 12,000 displaced people are sheltered. The staff of the hospital are working with the fuel and medical supplies running low amid the constant bombing. They have denounced the evacuation as impossible and will not leave, but carry on their duty even if Israel carries out another massacre. It is still a war crime to bomb a hospital, even if a warning has been given, and it is a war crime to forcibly displace people.

More empty statements about peace have been released to the public by the imperialists and their lackeys from a summit held in Cairo. After much theater, mere 20 trucks with supplies were let into Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Among the supplies is medical supplies and food, but no fuel. Israeli military has announced that no fuel will be allowed in and the aid will only go to the south of the Gaza strip, where Israel is trying to displace the Palestinians to. Most hospitals in Gaza have stopped operating because they do not have fuel to run their generators in the midst of the Israel-inflicted power outage. There is still no electricity to fill water tanks, even if some water sources have been opened. The sanitation systems have collapsed, causing cholera and other diseases to spread. The 20 trucks are a publicity stunt of the imperialists and their lackeys, who are giving only alms to the people facing the genocide, which is carried out on their support and accomplicity.

All around the world, demonstrations and actions in solidarity of the struggle of the Palestinian people unfold. The imperialists are exposed of their accomplicity in front of the masses and trembling in fear. Especially in Germany the bourgeoisie has launched a rampant attack on democratic rights under the pretext of ”anti-terrorism” and it has come to severe repression of the many demonstrations in solidarity of Palestine. For example in Hamburg, all demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been banned. We share here impressions of some of the actions:

An action was carried out in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the Yankee McDonalds. The fast-food chain distributed food for free to the Israeli soldiers during the attack on the Palestinian people.

Posters were spread in multiple federal States of Brazil. Source: Servir ao Povo

There are also reports of solidarity-actions from Colombia:

Rote Fahne, Austria, published a report on activities by students in Malta:


65 police offices were injured in clashes in Berlin. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

300 gathered in Hamburg’s Steindamm to a solidarity demonstration on 21st of October despite the general ban. Source: NDR

100,000 people gathered in London. Source: NPR

In Egypt, the State staged ”demonstrations” where paid actors shouted slogans for the corrupt regime and its traitorous line, while police clashed with actual protesters who shouted ”We want the fall of Israel!” Source: Al Jazeera

A banner was put up in Copenhagen. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

Large protests again gathered in Amman, Jordan. Source: CNN

A large protest was held in Zurich, Switzerland. Source: Avrupa Haber Merkezi

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