The militarization of States under the excuse of anti-Semitism grows

The revolutionary newspaper Servir al Pueblo, has made an article on the plan to increase the militarization of the State in the Spanish State, taking advantage of the genocide of the Palestinian people to carry it out. During the days after the counteroffensive of the Palestinian national resistance, there have been attacks against the rights of the people in a strategy to increase militarization in different European States.

For example, in France or Germany, demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people, the victim of a genocide that has lasted more than seven decades, have been severely repressed by the police with tear gas or even water cannons. Some of these demonstrations have even been prohibited. And in the United Kingdom is considered a crime of public order to wave the Palestinian flag. These are the clearest forms of militarization, completely open and without hiding it. However, in the Spanish State, for the historic support on the Palestinian people, now the bourgeois politicians of the right parliamentary parties seek to mitigate this support and head towards the path that the other European States have followed.

For this, bourgeois politicians have used everything: from spreading false news about how Hamas “beheads 40 babies in their cribs”, legally denouncing a social democratic deputy as an anti-Semite for indicating Israel’s genocide or fining a person who went to a football match of his city with the Palestinian flag. As the revolutionary newspaper reports, it is not a nonsense strategy, but a methodic plan is followed to normalize the Palestinian genocide: “These types of statements are part of the militarization plan of the Spanish State, specifically, in the midst of the State’s policies, the parties of the bourgeoisie and civil society in general becoming more reactionary and fascist.”

And they add: “Some years ago it was crazy to think – among public opinion, we refer – that there would be dekupation companies, fascist paramilitary companies whose only job is to throw working families from their homes. Clash troops of the financial capital, in a nutshell. It has only been possible its normalization after years and years of ideological bombardment from the 2008 “construction crisis”, in all media, against the ghost of the occupying danger. ”

Thus, what is being lived in the Spanish State is nothing new, but the medium of the bourgeoisie to continue the trend of militarization of States, key in the phase of imperialism. The Statement ends up adding: “All progressive revolutionaries and democrats must known it and fight to face it.”

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