Ireland: Anti-imperialist solidarity to the Palestinian national resistance

Featured image: block of Anti-imperialist Action Ireland in the demonstration in Dublin. Source: @AIAIreland on X

In Ireland, large demonstrations have unfolded in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people. Activists have also carried out other actions, such as distributing leaflets and putting up the Palestinian flag. Also an issue on Palestine was published in the magazine An Phoblacht Abú. We have reported on earlier actions, such as the demonstration on the 10th of October, here.

On the 11th of October demonstrators marched in Dublin, forming a blockade at the O’Connolly Street Bridge.

On the 14th of October a big demonstration marched through the main street in Dublin, O’Connolly Street, to the embassy of Israel. Speeches were made for example to call to expel the Israeli ambassador. More demonstrations have been called for on the upcoming Saturdays, and thus also on the 21st of October, tens of thousands marched in Dublin in solidarity with the struggle in Palestine. Demonstrations were also held in other cities such as Ennis, Cork, Carlow, Limerick and Galway.

In Keady, Armagh, which is under the British occupation, Republican activists put up Palestinian flags around the town. Source: @AIAIreland on X

Activists distributed flyers in front of a Tesco supermarket, calling to boycott Israeli products. Source: @AIAIreland on X

Posters have been distributed around Dublin city centre. Source: @AIAIreland on X

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