Solidarity day in Mexico: From the river to the sea Palestine will be free

We publish an unofficial translation of the article found in Sol Rojista on the solidarity action in Palestine.

Today, 24th of October, it is marked 29 years since the imprisonment of the Lebanese communist Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the political prisoner with more years of prison in Europe. The campaign for his liberation call upon actions during all the month, form 21st September until 21st October. The culmination of this campaign would be the internationalist march in France, which, even with the ban, could reach the prison.

In Mexico, our democratic organization was an active part of this campaign, and during all the month we have been carrying out several activities, as distributing leaflets, graffitis an spreading of the campaign, inviting other revolutionary organizations to join it.

Thus, on past Saturday 21st October, together with the Youth Brigades of the People, the People’s Students Movement, the People’s Women’s Movement, Newspaper Mural and the Cultural and Studies Center of the Science of the Proletarian Revolution (CCECRP), we carried out a political-cultural event. It was carried out in one of the territories where the people’s resistance, which is against the old State, is strong, the Communitarian Municipal Agency of Santa Rosa Panzacola, where since three years ago the Parties who only care about the elections were expelled in defense of the uses and traditions of the community.

In this space of resistance, the comrades of CCECRP presented their most recent essay named “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, in which, as its authors explain, “some important points on the history of the Palestinian people, its struggle of national liberation in a context where the national resistance develops an counter-offensive” is highlighted. This work is interesting, because in addition of showing the general aspects of the Zionist occupation against the Palestinian people, it makes a clear defense of the link between the national liberation and the New Culture that grows among the masses with poetry and popular art, highlighting the right to self-determination. This allows to show the lies in the myths that the mainstream media propagates regarding the “barbarism of the Palestinian people”.

With this exact same aim, different cultural contributions were done, as a theatrical representation of the resistance done by BJP and traditional dances of the people of Oaxaca, done by the youth of the Community Agency, that reflected the cultural resistance against the colonization of our peoples.

Late, other works were presented, such as a documentary of Amnesty International that enriched the discussion among the participants and other cultural contributions, among them, a video showing the actions of the international campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian people and some songs of resistance.

The event started and ended with the singing of The Internationale, rising high the spirit of the proletarian internationalism.

At the end, a comradeship took place, where food and some toasts for Georges Abdallah and the national liberation struggle of the heroic Palestinian people were done.

From the river to the see, Palestine will be free!

Free Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!

Proletarians and oppressed countries of the world, unite!

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