Notes on Malta

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The Republic of Malta is an island country in Southern Europe, located in the Mediterranean Sea, consisting of an archipelago around 80 km south of Sicily. For a while now, found in 2022 with its origin in the year 2020, the Red Pages Assoziation (ASSOĊJAZZJONI PAĠNI ĦOMOR – KUMITAT PROVIŻORJU; APH) reports on the development of the class-struggle there. We have previously mentioned some of this development.

Malta in the Mediterranean

On May 27, in Valletta, APH participated in a broad popular protest called ‘shebbajtuna’, distributing leaflets to Maltese families, young as well as elderly, in the streets of the city, with various support, applause and courage to the activists of the journal of APH. The activists of APH addressed the people in the streets how the system is the cause of the environmental problems, and how it is part of a bigger problem, imperialism – the foreign monopolies and the capitalist system, and that only the people, not politicians and many empty reforms in the parliament, can resist the destruction of the Maltese environment and thus, the seizure of the land and the quality of life of the people and their children.

In June, APH reported on the revolutionary study camp around the region of the Grand Harbour (il-Port il-Kbir), also known as the Port of Valletta. There were studies and discussions on the revisionist coup in the Soviet Union, the character of the Maltese revolution and more. Also a commemoration of the Day of Heroism was held. APH wrote, the Maltese students recognizes the fallen heroes as immortal stars. Also Manwel Dimech was commemorated as a leadership of the Maltese people.

In July, Maltese students took the streets of Nigret, Żurrieq, as part of the campaign of the national organization for the formation of a worker-student movement against social, cultural and environmental exploitation. A focus was laid on elections boycott and the necessity to combat and resist.

Also in July, a large crowd of thousands of people gathered in the square of Castille protesting against the death of a young man, Jean Paul Sofia, who died because of the construction industry, and the lack of security in the workplace. It was insisted that the people, and only the people, can bring justice.

Redherald will definitely continue to follow the development of the workers and communist movement on Malta.

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