Mexico: One year since the murder of Jesús Manuel García Martínez

Featured image: Chu Pau, Jesús Manuel García Martínez

One year ago, on the 27th of October 2022, Jesús Manuel García Martínez “Chu Pau” was murdered by a criminal gang doing the dirty work of the imperialist mega-project “Interoceanic Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec” (CIIT). The criminal gang of the mercenary “Tacho Canasta” came to the home of Eric Sánchez Gutiérrez, regional leader of Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo (CP-Sol Rojo). The group killed “Chu Pau” and seriously injured Eric. They were both leaders in the struggle against the CIIT and for defense of the land of the Santa Cruz Tagolaba community, which they were a part of.

Poster by the FORO demanding justice for Jesús Manuel García Martínez “Chu Pau”. Source: Sol Rojo.

Banner demanding justice for Jesús Manuel García Martínez. Source: Periódico mural

We have previously reported on the struggle against the CIIT, an imperialist mega-project that under the false promises of “development”, plunders the lands of the peasants and indigenous people, seizing them unfairly and militarizing the area to prevent the revolts of the peasants and indigenous people through repression.

There has been multiple actions denouncing the attack and demanding justice for Jesús Manuel, in Mexico as well as other countries such as Colombia, Germany, Finland and Denmark.

Graffiti in Berlin demanding justice for Jesús Manuel García Martínez and Filogonio Martínez Merino, who was murdered the day before. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

The murder of “Chu Pau” is part of the attacks against communities in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec who are being dispossessed to further the imperialist mega project CIIT. The poor peasants and indigenous peoples have been struggling against the project, organizing blockades and demonstrations. In addition to criminal gangs being used against the people, the Mexican State also uses its repressive and military forces. One example of this is the violent eviction of the Mogoñé Viejo camp by the government of the state of Oaxaca and the federal government. Several democratic organizations released a joint statement denouncing the eviction in April, 2023.

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