In memory of Ka Oris

It is two years since the death of Ka Oris. The revolutionary newspaper Ang Bayan commemorates the second anniversary of the death of the comrade, on whom the reactionary army made an ambush while he was driving his motorcycle to receive medical treatment.

In spite of all international “human rights” laws, he was the target of the attack, even if he was disarmed and sick. But to cover the murder, the AFP invented that there was a military encounter with Ka Oris, they even carried out a bombardment and a shoot-out to make their story credible.

Although the reactionary State and its armed forces believe that they can stop the People’s War through murders, they are wrong, because as the New People’s Army – Negros Island Regional Operational Command wrote in a statement: “While the coercive and exploiting system of the colonial and feudal society continues, which creates a long suffering for people who are in extreme difficulties, the armed revolution will continue and the participation of the broad masses, especially peasants and workers.”

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