Thousands take the streets to denounce the genocide against the Palestinian people

Featured image: Thousands of Moro people of the Philippines have expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. Source: Ang Bayan.

We have lately reported on actions in support of the Palestinian people, and against the genocide that is being carried out by the State of Israel. We now update with even more actions, many of which took place today.

Al Jazeera reports on thousands of people participating large demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people taking place on Sunday the 29th of October in the capitals of Pakistan, Lebanon, Spain and Greece, as well as in the largest city in Morocco.

Thousands of people protesting in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Islamabad, Pakistan. Source: Sohail Shahzad/EPA
Large demonstration in support of the Palestinian People in downtown Beirut, Lebanon. Source: Wael Hamzeh/EPA
Thousands of people participating in protest in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza and against diplomatic normalization with Israel, in Casablanca, Morocco. Source: Mosa’ab Elshamy/AP Photo
Demonstration in support of the People of Gaza in Madrid, Spain. Source: Isabel Infantes/Reuters
March towards the Israeli embassy in Athens, Greece. Source: Louisa Gouliamaki/Reuters

In Hamburg, Germany, a spontaneous demonstration with around 70 participants gathered again on Sunday. After the police had disbanded the demonstration, it gathered again with over 500 participants, who attacked the police with rocks and bottles. The participants carried placates denouncing the genocide of the Palestinian people committed by Israel with the support of German imperialism among others. Hamburg has banned pro-Palestine demonstrations categorically, and even when one was allowed under conditions, it was ended by the police because of the slogan ”Free, free Palestine!” In the capital city Berlin, 3000 people gathered on Saturday in Kreuzberg, and on Sunday, 11,000 protesters came to the streets again, denouncing the complicity of German imperialism.

Over 500 people came to the streets despite the repression in Hamburg. Source:
11,000 denounced the genocide committed by Israel with the support of the imperialists in Berlin. Source:

In France, thousands defied the ban on solidarity demonstrations for Palestine and rallied in Paris on Saturday. Police once again answered with disproportionate use of force and teargassed peaceful protesters. Police made 21 arrests and issued 1,350 fines for participating in demonstration.

A rally in Paris, France. Source:

In Brooklyn, New York, thousands took the streets for Palestine on Saturday as well. The day before in the same city the police disbanded a demonstration by Jewish activists rejecting the genocide Israel is carrying out under the pretext of ”defense” against ”religious persecution”. At least 300 were arrested.

In Aalborg, Denmark there again was a demonstration on Friday the 27th. The protesters shouted slogans like ”Free, Free Palestine”, ”Down, Down Israel”, ”Children of Gaza have the right to live!” and ”From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

There was again a large demonstration in Aalborg on Friday. Source: Socialistisk Revolution.

In the capital Manila and many cities of Mindanao on the Philippines the Moro people have organized multiple rallies with thousands of participants opposing the genocide carried out by Israel.

Thousands of Moro people of the Philippines have expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people. Source: Ang Bayan.
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