Ang Bayan on Palestine: Anti-imperialist armed resistance is needed all over the world

Featured image: Source – Ang Bayan

Ang Bayan, the newspaper of the Communist Party of the Philippines, has published an editorial on the US-Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people, and the need of armed struggle all over the world.

The editorial starts by pointing out how US imperialism uses Israel to maintain and expand its economic and political interests in the Middle East. It denounces US imperialism and Israel for the genocide against the Palestinian people and states that US imperialism encouraged and supported the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza by the Zionists that killed more than 10,000 Palestinians, including more than 4,100 children. This was done with a mistaken belief that it would defeat the determination of the Palestinian people to struggle.

The editorial explains that the oppression of the struggle of the Palestinian people by US imperialism and Israel is part of the contradiction between imperialism and the oppressed people seeking national independence. US imperialism specifically aims to maintain its power in the Middle East through the government of Israel.

The Palestinian people are showing iron determination, courage and willingness to sacrifice, to end their oppression, and to fight for their right to national self-determination. They need to take up their weapons to resist the armed repression against them. If they do not have an armed struggle, they will forever remain prisoners in their own land.

The editorial also explains how the struggle of the Palestinian people is connected to the struggle of the working class and people around the world against the exploitative and oppressive imperialist system. It states that all oppressed classes and peoples need the armed struggle, the highest form of resistance, coupled with their mass movements, to resist the ruling State that uses armed force to maintain the oppressive and exploitative system. A special emphasis is put on the determination of the people of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal countries to change their destiny by the path of armed resistance.

Regarding the constant popular protests breaking out all over the world, the editorial also calls for armed revolutionaries in different parts of the world to launch tactical offensives to attack imperialism and all those who support the genocide in Gaza.

The editorial goes on to explain that US imperialism is sharpening the inter-imperialist contradictions, particularly the contradiction between US imperialism and Russia, as well as with China. Through the example of the US militarization of the South China sea, to separate Taiwan from China, the editorial explains how the imperialist are making oppressed countries, such as the Philippines, fight for them.

Armed revolution is stated as being the most effective way to stop and end the inter-imperialist wars, that are bringing enormous damage and pain to hundreds of millions people. Through the armed struggle in the Philippines the revolutionary movement prevents the outbreak of war; and if it cannot be stopped, it will be exploited to further strengthen and expand the armed revolution.

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