Chile: Report of Peasants and Seasonal Workers

On November 6th new protests of peasants and seasonal workers have been reported in the regions of Maule and O’Higgins, in the center of Chile, by Prensa Chiripilko. Although the reasons for the demonstrations are different, in both areas it has been shown how the people stand up against the oppression of the old State and go to the streets to protest.

Map indicating the regions of Chile, including Maule and O’Higgins. Source:

In Maule the peasants and seasonal workers took to the streets to protest, again, against the lack of aid due to the floods of June and August. As we have reported previously, these floods affected especially poor peasants and, after months of meetings with the rulers of the old State, they have not yet received the promised aid.

Therefore, the masses carried out a demonstration in different routes demanding this aid. Before the demonstration the Revolutionary Front of the People (Frente Revolucionario del Pueblo – FRP), made graffiti all over its route “as part of the impulse and development of the popular protest” as stated.

During the demonstration, slogans as “if the field does not produce, the city does not eat” or “let’s defend our land” were shouted. Many people showed their support to the march. However, they also suffered repression by the General Police of Maule of the Curicó High Command, who threatened the people who marched with repressing them if they did not allow the traffic along the road.

When the media let the peasants and seasonal workers speak, they denounced the old State, which they accused of being “false” and mentioned that it was a structural problem of a system that mistreats the peasants for the fact of being poor and that is at the service of the rich. Boric and its lackeys of Frente Amplio and the false communist party with opportunistic attitudes towards the working class were also criticized, as Prensa Chiripilko stated. Due to these criticisms, the managers of the municipal governments soon tried to defend themselves in front of the cameras, but the masses answer them with the facts: “What do we want politicians for? There has been 4 months since the floods where they already knew our needs but do not solve them. After the floods of water we were flooded by politicians such as governors, senators, deputies and regional ministry secretaries. Why do we want them if they do nothing concrete? They flooded us more than the water.”

In O’Higgins, the seasonal workers of the countryside protested to improve their working conditions, according to local media. This march was very combative, burning objects on the roads, leading to its cut. It is also worth highlighting the high participation of workers from Chile and other countries, united to struggle jointly against their deplorable conditions.

Prensa Chiripilko ends its article pointing out the need for an Agrarian Revolution to change forever the social relations of the country and industrial production, giving the land to poor, middle and landless peasants for them to work. They also call to reconstitute the Communist Party, develop the three instruments of the Revolution and develop “the path that workers, peasants and Mapuche initiated in the glorious uprising of Ránquil in 1934”.

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