Blackout in São Paulo: Military Police is shot during Popular Rebellion to restore power

Featured image: Blackout in SP: Military police is shot during popular rebellion to restore power.

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of A Nova Democracia published on their webpage.

On November 7th, residents blocked Avenida Giovanni Gronchi by setting fire to a barricade in protest against the blackout and the delay in reconnecting the power supply by the Enel electricity company. Even 4 days after the last storm, there are still houses without electricity. During the protest, the police tried to repress the demonstration and a police officer was shot in the leg.

The demonstration took place on one of the main roads that connects the upscale region of Morumbi to Paraisópolis, one of the largest communities in São Paulo. According to a statement from the Military Police, the protesters carried Molotov cocktails and the police were unable to intervene in the protest. No protesters were arrested.

Popular protest against the blackout on November 7th. Source: AND

Another protest also took place in Cotia (SP) partially blocking the Raposo Tavares highway. As well as a demonstration in front of Enel’s headquarters. Since last year, the company has laid off more than 36% of its workers.

Even in the midst of the blackout that hit Latin America’s largest metropolis, Enel trucks were parked in the garage. Source: AND

Governor Tarcísio de Freitas and Mayor Ricardo Nunes are skating on thin ice trying to alleviate criticism of the electricity company for the crisis amid the popular rebellion. Tarcísio stated at a press conference that 300,000 people were still without power on the 5th day of the blackout but that “we must look at what worked”.

Popular protests tend to grow to the same extent as reactionary politicians who are enemies of the people become demoralized.

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