France: Mariam Abu Daqqa expelled to Egypt

We have previously reported on the case of Mariam Abu Daqqa and the repression she faces by the French State. France, on last Friday, expelled the Palestinian activist, Mariam Abu Daqqa, to Egypt after a protracted trial over her presence in France. Thereby France is continuing its accomplicy with the murderous Israeli State who massively slaughters the Palestinians with the support of the imperialists.

Mariam Abu Daqqa, an activist and leader who is a member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), is the target of repeated attacks by both the government and a number of political figures. The PFLP, and its “Abu Ali Mustafa Martyr Brigades”, named after the second Secretary General of the PFLP who was cowardly murdered in 2001 by Israeli troops, are part of the Palestinian National Resistance.

Abu Daqqa was detained by police on Wednesday night after the State Council, France’s highest administrative court, overturned a lower court ruling that had suspended an interior ministry expulsion order.

The 72-year-old, who has been in France since the end of September, is a renowned activist who has been fighting for the rights of Palestinians for decades, for the liberation of Palestine from the sea to the Jordan River, and is an active and recognised figure in the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

Her 50-day travel to France was to be an opportunity to speak out loud and clear for the pro-Palestinian cause through a series of 15 conferences. She was also due to address French MPs in the chamber of deputies, following an invitation from the France Insoumise MP, Ersilia Soudais, at the screening of the documentary “Yallah Gaza” on 9 November.

Even before the intensification of the conflict in Palestine and the Resistance counter-offensive, Mariam Abu Daqqa suffered repression from the French imperialist regime: she was banned from speaking at the conference organized by the “Collectif 69 Palestine” at the University of Lyon 2 on the 5th of October. After the cancellation of a conference that should have been given by the Franco-Palestinian lawyer and Jerusalem resident Salah Hamouri last January, this is not the first time that pro-Palestinian activists have been targeted in Lyon by the ‘left-wing’ mayor. Despite this, the resistance fighter was able to speak in the audience.

Reached by phone at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport as she awaited a flight to Cairo, Abu Daqqa slammed her expulsion as “an attack against the right of Palestine to have a state, an identity, an existence.” “The process that I have undergone is not worthy of a democratic government,” she added. Her lawyers, Elsa Marcel and Marie David, told that they will launch further appeals and even take the case to the European Court of Human rights. Even when the French State tries to finalize the case the struggle continues.

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