Revolutionaries continue actions in solidarity with Palestine

Featured image: Yankee and Israeli flags are burned in a demonstration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 9th of November. Source: AND

During the last days, it has been reported on new actions and mobilizations in which the communists and revolutionaries of the world are participating. In these mobilizations the revolutionaries and communists show their support to the Palestinian people and denounce the genocide committed by the State of Israel, which serves to the interests of imperialism, mainly Yankee. We have reported on previous actions.

In Ireland, the revolutionaries of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland (AIA Ireland) are carrying out a campaign against the State of Israel’s embassy in Dublin. They have made numerous actions during last weeks, including agitation and propaganda work and mobilizations of different kinds.

As part of this campaign, on Tuesday 7th of November activists of AIA occupied the headquarters of Quanta Capital, landlord of the embassy.

In the past weeks, AIA’s activists made graffiti in the county of Wicklow.

During last week AIA’s activists put up posters in support of Palestinian national resistance and in the framework of the campaign against the State of Israel’s embassy, in Waterford City.

On Friday 10th of November, activists and other supporters of AIA made a sit-in protest in the Connolly Station, Dublin, to demand the eviction of the State of Israel’s ambassador. They received the harassment of the security personnel of the railway station, but they stand firm and continued with the protest until the end of it.

On Saturday 11th of November, in a mobilization carried out in Dublin, AIA with others activists for Palestine, made a militant block, with chants in support of Palestine and demanded the eviction of the State of Israel’s ambassador.

Militant block of AIA and other activists for Palestine in Dublin. Source: AIA’s Facebook.

A powerful demonstration, which brought together revolutionary organizations, popular movements and students’ entities, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 9th of November. In the demonstration slogans in support of the Palestinian national resistance were shouted. Reactionaries, who tried to infiltrate demonstration, were expelled from it with revolutionary violence. When the demonstration arrived at the General Consulate of the US, the genocide carried out by Israel with the support and weapons from imperialists was denounced, and it was highlighted that these same weapons also kill poor people in the favelas of Brazil. Flags of US imperialism and Israel were burned, stones and red paint symbolizing the blood of the Palestinian people were thrown at the consulate. Struggles with the military police unfolded. In the end of the demonstration, a speech by the Solidarity Committee for the Struggle of the Palestinian People of Rio de Janeiro was heard.

A demonstration in support of the national resistance of the Palestinian people was organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 9th of November. Source AND

On Wednesday 8th of November, in Curitiba, Brazil, people’s organizations carried out a demonstration in support of Palestinian national resistance, gathering a hundred people.

March in support to the Palestinian resistance in Curitiba, Brazil. Source: A Nova Democracia.

In Kristiansand, Norway, on Friday 10th of November, activists of the Kampkomiteen participated in a mobilization in support of Palestinian people and against the genocide being carried out against it.

Kampkomiteen also participated to a large demonstration in the capital Oslo on the 11th of November, carrying a banner with the slogans “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle! Free Palestine!” Speeches were held in front of the parliament of Norway, from where the march continued to the residency of the prime minister, denouncing his role in the genocide.

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