Up to one million protesters, daily demonstrations, paintings, dazibaos and popular events for Palestine

Featured image: Up to one million people marched in solidarity with the Palestinian people in London, England. Source: Ang Bayan

On the 11th of November up to one million protesters took part in a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people in London. This was the largest action so far in the country, which is increasingly trying to repress the protests. The protest took place after the Home Secretary of the UK, Suella Braverman, called the marches for Palestine ”hate marches” and called for more police repression against the protesters, sparking outrage among the people. Ang Bayan reports that also Filipino organizations Anakbayan-UK and Committee to Support the Revolution in the Philippines – UK also formed a contingent with others in the demonstration as an expression of international solidarity.

On the 10th of November a protest was held in Sanaa, Yemen, with activists condemning the treacherous role of Arab regimes who despite their words, continue serving US imperialism. Slogans expressing the solidarity of the people of Yemen with the national resistance of the Palestinian people were shouted.

In addition, as we reported before, tens of thousands attented demostrations in Jordan, Morocco and Bahrain on the 10th of November. Here is some more details on these demonstrations: in Jordan, the march headed to the Israeli embassy, shouting slogans and carrying banners in support of the Palestinian national resistance and the operation al-Aqsa flood, and demanded the embassy to be closed. Police was there to protect the embassy, similarly to earlier weeks, when it has prevented the protesters from marching to the border. In Morocco, the slogans were especially targeted against the normalization of ties between the regime of Morocco and Israel, and celebrating the resistance of the Palestinian people. Passing the French consulate in Tangier, French imperialism and its support to Israel was denounced.

Tens of thousands protested the normalization of diplomatic ties with Israel in Morocco. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Bergen, Norway, daily demonstrations have gathered between 70 to 150 people each day during the last week, with the participants energetically shouting slogans in support of the Palestinian national resistance and against US imperialism and Israel. The demonstrations will continue also daily this week.

In addition to this, on the 11th of November activists in Bergen held a protest in front of ”Mamilla”, the shop of Israel Mission, which is a Zionist organization operating in Norway and spreading Israeli propaganda, demanding the shop to be closed. Kampkomiteen reports that this action was successful in informing the people on the character of this shop, and made some of the potential customers turn at the door and give their support to the action. After this, the activists participated in a large demonstration with around 1,000 participants. A speech in support of the armed resistance of the Palestinian people was received enthusiastically by the crowd.

Also in Germany, thousands have taken the streets in many cities, such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Essen and Stuttgart despite repression. In Bremen, slogans ”Freedom for Palestine! Death to the occupier!” were painted in the proletarian neighborhoods of Gröpelingen and Tenever. Dem Volke Dienen reports that the police was documenting the scene with multiple patrols already early in the morning, after which the walls were painted immediately, even though otherwise the house owners rarely do any kinds of reparations. However, especially the proletarian youth of these neighborhoods greeted the slogans.

Slogans ”Freedom for Palestine! Death to the occupier!” were painted in Bremen, Germany. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In France, there was again large demonstrations in many cities calling to end the genocide, including Paris, Marseilles, Toulouse, Rennes and Bordeaux, midst increasing repression against anti-imperialist solidarity with the pretext of combating ”antisemitism” and ”terrorism”. Joining the masses, the French revolutionaries are carrying out a campaign in solidarity of the struggle of the Palestinian people. Recently, activists have held multiple mobilization actions as well as a popular tea party in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people in St Denis, and participated in the demonstration in Paris.

Revolutionary youth showing their solidarity with the Palestinian national resistance in a demonstration in Paris. Source: @FSE_Nanterre on X

Flyers have been distributed in St Denis. Source: @Ligue_J_R on X

In Lyon, a large number of graffiti and dazibao actions have been done, expressing support to the Palestinian people. Source: @Ligue_J_R on X

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