Protesters denounce regimes and companies involved in the genocide of the Palestinian people

Featured image: Protesters denouncing the role of New York Times in the genocide in New York. Source:

As we have reported before, many workers of imperialist countries have shown solidarity to the national resistance of the Palestinian people and condemned the complicity of the imperialists in the genocide carried out by Israel. In addition, on the 3rd of November in Oregon, US, dock workers stopped the docking of a ship that was headed to Tacoma in the State of Washington to load weapons to be transported to Israel. The activists hindered the ship for nine hours despite police attacks, and another group of activists were waiting to block the ship when it arrives to Washington. In the US, multiple unions have called for the end of the occupation and US military funding of Israel, denouncing its complicity in the genocide. Similarly, port workers in Barcelona, in the Spanish State, as well as in Genoa, Italy, have refused to load any ship carrying weapons to Israel. In many countries unions have also called their members to show solidarity with the Palestinian people. You can read more details on these struggles in Ang Bayan.

Workers demostrating against weapons deliveries to Israel in Genoa, Italy. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In the UK, there has been large protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people, with hundreds of thousands taking the streets every week. There has also been workers’ protests against weapon manufacturing. The latest happened on the 10th of November, when dozens of protesters blocked the entrance of BAE systems, which is the number one supplier for the production of the Yankee F-35 fighter planes used by Israel.

Protesters denounced the complicity of BAE-systems in the genocide on the 10th of November in England. Source: Reuters

In New York, US, protesters occupied the lobby of New York Times, demanding end to the occupation and denouncing the role of the newspaper in spreading the propaganda of Yankee imperialism.

Massive protests with thousands of participants have again erupted today, the 10th of November, in many neighboring countries to Palestine, such as Jordan and Egypt, as well as in Morocco and Bahrain. The regimes of these countries make a lot of noise, but still bow to their master Yankee imperialism and for their part act as complices in the genocide.

Protesters march in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Source: BNN Breaking

Ahead of the visit of Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, hundreds of protesters attempted to storm the US air base in Incirlik, Turkey on the 5th of November, demanding it to be closed, and showing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The police used water cannons and tear gas against the protesters. Source: Reuters

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