We publish this unofficial translation from the statement of the Front to Defend the Struggles of the People in Ecuador on the occasion of the anniversary of the massacre of Guayaquil of 1922, in which over 1,500 protesting workers gave their lives.

Today we celebrate one more anniversary of the glorious deeds of November 15th of 1922; a day on which the proletariat established the path which organization and forms of struggle should follow in Ecuador.

A year after year we commemorate the sacrifice which the workers of Guayaquil made on the 15th of November 1922. We were filled with resolution and the objectives. We again make public the events, we give them their historical value, but it seems that it goes no further than that, to cacofonically repeat a hollow narrative, empty, without class commitment, without correct, true and tangible purpose. So much much blood was not spilled to allow it to be diluted into time and tired speech of those who can only see dead history, fossilized, which justifies the inaction and the lack of commitment to the exploited in the country and in the world.

It is true that it was the baptism by fire of the proletariat of the country, but what have we done objectively to take the flags of the 15th of November and raise them in the only possible heroic deed for the class and the people, for the revolution?

Imperialism is bankrupt; the contradictions that exist within it are leading the humanity into the Third World War. In our countries a crisis is experienced, these are moments which are impossible to overcome. Bureaucratic capitalism is reaching a dead end. The leadership of popular, indigenous and peasants’ organizations are living the hangover of the electoral defeat. To hell with the uprisings October 2019 or June of last year. This blood and the burst of the combativeness of the masses was used, as a blank check, to strengthen the electoral path and throw a life ring to the old landlord-bureaucratic State. This is how the the rats of opportunism and revisionism traffic with the glorious blood of our people.

The union movement is experiencing a complex crisis. The central unions continue their thing, they prostitute themselves to whichever electoral party is in power. Miserables! A new central union has entered the political competition of the union bureaucracy. A strong smell of Trotskyism comes from its core.

Is everything lost? Is everything rotten? No, definitely not. But it costs to reverse the situation, it is the truth, it is complex, to struggle against imperialism, today fortified with the criminal Zionism in our society, it is not an easy task to fulfill. The old landlord-bureaucratic State is degraded, stinking. The society is living critical moments. The massacres and the violence are the everyday misery. Work is a circus; they say you have to opt to the ”pimes”, they say, (small and medium companies); this is, sell whatever trinket imported from China in the informal market. We live like in the feudal times, in fact, that is why we are semi-feudal, with blackouts, waiting, like the poor peasant, for the flood so that there is irrigation, in this case, so that there is energy. What an irony.

There is objective conditions to explode the old society, because it already cannot be sustained. It wallows in blood, corruption, lies, compromises, selling of conscience. The weakening of its productive structure is brutal; we are a country transformed to a bazar, where everything is bought and sold but nothing is produced, except for what is chained to the primary sector of economy which reproduces semi-feudality in a brutal manner. Imperialism takes everything, resources, raw materials, currencies; it does not give anything, only destruction and death. Its bureaucratic institution has terminal cancer. Their repressive apparatuses have proven to be nothing, weak, corrupted by crime, bureaucratized. Functioning only to defend the State from those who dare to seek its destruction.

The subjective conditions for revolution are yet to be made, and we have to aim at that, to construct instruments, organizations, which ones – the militarized Party, the Front and the People’s Army. So, clear, direct, without ambiguities, without half-tones. It is also key to reformulate popular organizations, especially those of the workers. It is vital and cannot be postponed to reconstitute the union movement, because it cannot be allow that the indigenous/peasant movement is the one in the front of the people’s struggles every time and when their leaders consider it necessary to do it to strength their political support for their black purposes without basis. The indigenism in our country is bourgeois. They have proven it. They are bureaucratic, they don’t give a damn about revolution, the Indian question, about the land, about semi-feudality; for them it is only important to “know how to steal” and materialize their morbid electoral dreams. Or is it that they have governed with these and those and have they not gotten their hands dirty each time?

The front of the organizations and struggles of the class and the people should have the supremacy of the proletariat, and we refer not only to the quantitative participation, but also to the leadership, to the ideology, because it is almighty, revolutionary, it is a class destined to lead the people to carry out the revolution.

There is a lot to do, and it is not enough to beat our chests every 15th of November to highlight the importance of the proletariat in transforming the old society; a process, which is not concretized through uprisings, through elections or such things. The Power is conquered with violence. The Power is defended with violence, the road – the People’s War – surrounding the cities from the countryside, combating imperialism, crushing revisionism. There is nothing more than that.

Let the proletariat assume what it has to do; for this, it is needed to be equipped with the ideology, and this cannot be no other than Maoism, the third and the superior stage of Marxism. There is no space for outdated bourgeois reformism, progressivism, much less for Trotskyism; we must give way to history that has rapidly been forging social transformers since the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, the revolution in China, the Cultural Revolution, today, paid with the blood generously given with their lives of the communists in the Philippines, India, Turkey and Peru; flags which color the horizon of our country red since the 15th of November 1922, which need to be raised and defended by those who dare to scale the heights.

May the commemoration of November 15 be a cry of war, of fury, of class hatred, that reverberates like roaring thunder that comes down from the Andes to nest in the crosses over the water that still float along the banks of the Guayas River.






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