Periódico Mural: Morena, neutral or ally of Zionism?

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of a statement by the Mexican newspaper Periódico Mural:

As in the rest of the country, in Oaxaca various popular organizations have carried out actions in solidarity with the Palestinian people. However, the majority of these have faced attempted prohibition and censorship by the Morenoist governments that call themselves “progressive.”

At Periódico Mural we have been aware of this situation and decided to document it to raise the dilemma: Is Morena neutral or an ally of Zionism? You will see it.

On the afternoon of October 28, different organizations and groups held two diverse events in support of the Palestinian people, both of whom were besieged by the municipal police of Oaxaca de Juárez, a municipality governed by Morena.

The first event was called by a group of human rights groups on the esplanade of the Santo Domingo temple where they placed marigold flowers next to a large Palestinian flag. They also displayed some posters and banners with slogans such as “Stop genocide” and “Ceasefire for Palestine.” Everything seemed normal until the municipal police arrived to ask them to leave as “acts of support for Palestine are not authorized.”

The situation became tense, but it did not escalate because, paradoxically, one of the organizing groups (CODEM) belongs to the Councilor for Public Security, Agencies and Colonies (Agencias y Colonias), Claudia Tapia, who had to arrive at the scene accompanied by municipal personnel to reassure her. So the act was “permitted”.

That same afternoon, the Sol Rojo organization called, as every year, for a ceremonial candle-lighting event for its offering-mat in memory of its fallen comrades. According to the organization, a roll-call was held for its 17 comrades who fell in the struggle, those who were murdered and those who died of natural causes.

The event took place on the “Pañuelito” esplanade, right behind the Santo Domingo temple, in the center of the city. As expected, there were also flags and posters that said “Free Palestine, Now!”, since this organization has openly expressed its support for the National Resistance at all times. Elements of the municipal police also arrived there with the same argument “acts of support for Palestine are not authorized.”

No public servant arrived here to calm the situation, which was tense for more than 40 minutes until the police were outnumbered by protesters from the organization and other groups and even tourists who came in support.

Which official gave the order “not to authorize acts of support for Palestine”?

What authority or public servant could be above the Constitution of the Republic to ignore fundamental rights such as the freedoms of organization, demonstration and expression?

More recently other organizations have responded to the call of the International Communist League, putting up dazibaos and doing wall paintings.

As we have been able to see, the dazibaos are being torn out or covered, just like the paintings. The scandalous thing about the matter is that they are doing it officially, through the “Tequios Bienestar” Program, which, according to the state governor, seeks to “reduce crime and preserve social peace.”

A recent image of an ICL painting in support of Palestine barely lasted a day and was quickly deleted by this program leaving the street graffiti around it intact.

How should this attitude of the Morena governments that call themselves “progressive” be understood?

At the local level, Morena talks a lot about the dignity and organization of people. At the federal level, Morena insists on the country’s neutral position in its interpretation of the Estrada Doctrine, “respecting the right of self-determination of the people.” But in reality and daily practice, the Morenoist governments would like to eliminate all activities in support of the Palestinian people.

Trying to eliminate revolutionary propaganda is part of a counterinsurgency strategy. The old Mexican State does not want solidarity with the Palestinian struggle to spread because it is complicit in the Zionist genocide and lackey of Yankee imperialism. Furthermore, it fears that solidarity will go from propaganda to mass mobilization questioning local injustices.

The attitude of the Morena governments in the city and state of Oaxaca confirmed that they prefer to “not authorize” or withdraw revolutionary propaganda while allowing acts such as “bellaqueos” [gang actions] and gang graffiti to be promoted among young people in the same communities. This is not new and without a doubt we will see situations go from “non-authorization” to political persecution, which will not stop the forces of the people in their revolutionary work.

Today the Moreno government uses its so-called “Tequios Bienestar” appealing to popular sentiments and the best indigenous traditions for socially useful work, but in reality it is gratuitous work that forces the people to participate under the official agenda of the State.

From this journalistic forum we want to salute the efforts of groups and organizations that show solidarity with the Palestinian cause in the face of the genocide and barbarism of Israel, and we encourage them to continue their work by offering them our pages for dissemination and denunciation.

Let nothing silence your voice, friends!
From the river to the sea, Palestine will
be free!

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