Palestine: Israel continues its genocidal war crimes

Featured image: 20,000 – 30,000 people participated to a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Copenhagen, which has a population of around 660,000 people. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

Israel is continuing the genocide against the Palestinian people. According to the UN as of the 19th of November, 13,000 people have been killed in Gaza, 75% of which are reportedly children, women and elderly people.

The military operations against the al-Shifa hospital are continuing and on the 20th of November the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza was besieged by Israeli tanks. 12 Palestinians are reported to have been killed by artillery fire against the hospital. It is reported that there are 700 people inside the hospital, including medical staff and injured people. Military attacks against hospitals are clearly defined as war crimes by international law.

The imperialists are in general continuing to directly or indirectly support the genocide, headed by the Yankees. When asked the question “We are at 10,000 dead Palestinians. How many will be enough?” US republican lawmaker, Michelle Salzman, answered “All of them”.

There has also been reports regarding a potential ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. According to an analysis by Al Jazeera, a temporary ceasefire could militarily benefit Israel, while Hamas would have nothing to gain. According to the analysis there are reports of Israel running low on some military supplies, such as “smart bombs”, after six weeks of heavy aerial bombardment and three weeks of ground offensive. 30 of Israel’s “invincible” Merkava tanks have been destroyed or are too damaged to use, and Israel has confirmed the death of at least 372 of their soldiers, 59 police officers, and 10 intelligence agents. During the last two weeks, US military transport aircraft have regularly landed at Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and at Nevatim airbase in the Negev desert. The aircraft are mostly arriving from the Ramstein airbase in Germany, where the US has warehouses with military equipment. Heavier equipment such as rockets are also being shipped by sea.

Solidarity actions continue world wide. Here we report some of them:

The Houthis in Yemen have seized a cargo ship connected to one of the richest men in Israel, Abraham “Rami” Ungar. A Houthi military spokesperson stated that the action was in response to the “heinous acts against our Palestinian brothers in Gaza and the West Bank”.

Protesters gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, on the 9th of November to show solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people. The police repressed the demonstration by firing tear gas at the protesters.

A man waves the Palestinian flag midst the fumes of tear gas in Nairobi, Kenya. Source: AP

In Karachi, Pakistan, rallies with tens of thousands participants in support of the national resistance of the Palestinian people took place on the 12th of November.

A protester holds an air gun in a rally for the Palestinian national resistance in Karachi, Pakistan. Source: AP

On the 19th of November 20 to 30 thousand people took part in a demonstration in solidarity with the Palestinian people in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the demonstration the genocide carried out by Israel was denounced, as well as the support given to it by the Danish government.

In Hamburg, Germany, the largest demonstration in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people so far since the 7th of October took place on the 18th of November with around 1,500 participants. In Germany solidarity to the Palestinian people is heavily repressed. Also on the 18th of November, the demonstration of the Pro-Palestine Alliance Hamburg was banned a few hours before it was supposed to start. Another demonstration was allowed to take place, but faced police intimidation on the basis of slogans demanding freedom for Palestine. Activists of the Red League participated in the demonstration, with a large banner with the slogan ”It is right to rebel!” in German and Arabic, and were warmly welcomed.

In Pisa, Italy, a large Palestinian flag was hung from the leaning tower of Pisa.

In the UK, the MPs of the so-called Labour Party are said to be fearing for their safety due to protesters attacking their offices, after the Party took a stance against the Palestinian national resistance and for Israel.

Protesters in front of the office of the Labour MP, Rushanara Ali. Source: The Guardian

In Cardiff, Wales, the office of Labour MP, Jo Stevens, was spray painted and posters denouncing that she has blood on her hands were put up. Source: The Guardian

In Athens, Greece, there was a march in solidarity with the Palestinian people on the 19th of November. During the march the public unveiling of a statue of Lord Byron was intervened.

Statue of Lord Byron dressed with a Keffiyeh next to a banner in support of Palestine. Source: Prolet Connect

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