Palestine: Israel violates truce by murdering farmer

Featured image: Israeli occupation forces in Nablus, West Bank. Source: Al Jazeera

Israel is continuing its genocidal actions against the Palestinian people.

AND reports that a Palestinian farmer was murdered and another was wounded by the Israeli occupation forces in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that the farmers were working on their land when they were hit by gunfire from Israeli forces.

AND has also shared several reports from the released Palestinian prisoners. The former prisoners denounce the horrible conditions in the Israeli prisons, the denial of basic rights as well as the murder of a Palestinian prisoner.

Israeli forces are reported to have opened fire on displaced Palestinians to stop them from returning to north Gaza during the truce. At least two are reported to have been killed and 11 wounded by direct assault-rifle fire, while trying to return to their homes.

In the West-Bank the Israeli occupation forces are reported to have killed eight Palestinians, including one child, in a raid. While Israel has released some Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Hamas releasing Israeli captives, Israel is continuing to arrest more Palestinians. It is reported that 20 Palestinians were arrested on the night between Saturday and Sunday in the West Bank. The night between Sunday and Monday, more than 60 Palestinians are reported to have been arrested in the West Bank.

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