Weekly editorial – Palestinian Resistance achieves important tactical victory

We publish an unofficial translation of the new Weekly Editorial from A Nova Democracia of Brazil.

The Zionist leadership and Netanyahu’s government were forced to admit the defeat of their first attempt in the current campaign of siege and annihilation of the Palestinian people. There were almost 50 days of daily fighting in the Gaza Strip, one of the biggest war mobilizations since World War II, which Netanyahu justified as necessary to “wipe Hamas off the map” and “free the hostages”. Now, he is forced to admit: first, that he failed to overcome the Palestinian Resistance; second, that the release of the prisoners was only possible because they accepted Hamas’ terms. This is the first time in history that Israel has agreed to negotiate prisoners.

Reactionaries rush to try to confuse everyone. Biden, on 11/24, said that the ceasefire was part of his government’s effort for a diplomatic solution. In this way, he wants to deceive the people of the world into forgetting the genocidal role that the Yankees played, in the last 50 days, by providing billions of dollars in weapons for Israel to bomb Gaza under total siege, throwing on the Palestinians an explosive load equivalent to twice the explosion of the Hiroshima bomb.

The ceasefire and prisoner exchange is a resounding tactical victory for the Palestinian Resistance, part of the objective of its current counteroffensive, and has nothing to do with the objectives of imperialism. Firstly, because the ceasefire takes place in a context in which none of the objectives of the Zionist campaign of the last two months have been achieved: the government in Gaza continues to be Hamas, the “hostages” were not rescued through the military operation and, to make the matter worse, Zionist armored vehicles withdrew from Gaza. In practice, the restart of Israel’s genocidal operation will start from the beginning – all terms of the ceasefire were determined by the Palestinians. Secondly, because although the Zionist chorus of the imperialist press continues to claim that the ceasefire serves Israel to resupply and restock, the same is true for the Palestinian Resistance, whose logistical conditions are even more precarious and, therefore, it is more convenient for the Resistance to resupply. Thirdly, because such a ceasefire is completely within the situation in which the initiative follows with the Palestinian Resistance – so much so that the conditions for the ceasefire were fundamentally those demanded by it after the successful Flood Al-Aqsa – and is linked to the continuation of the armed struggle (it is a tactical ceasefire, not a strategic one). And finally, it would be worth asking: when Israel resumes its offensive operations, with the prisoners released and without any further justification, will global public opinion be more likely to support or condemn?

All the Zionist pride and arrogance, which took shape in the disgusting figure of Benjamin Netanyahu, went down the drain; the self-proclaimed “most effective army in the world” had to suffer a resounding defeat and resign itself to the humiliating condition of an army of cowards and failures. This is the truth of the matter about the current ceasefire.

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