We publish an statement by the Turkish comrades:

Women Will Be Liberated by Organizing

In our country where femicides are at the level of massacres, the violence behind suspicious deaths of women and suicides of women is ignored, murderers and rapists of women are acquitted and protected by the state, women have no choice but to organize and overthrow the male-dominated system.

Even before the end of the year, 334 women were murdered by the men closest to them and 245 women’s deaths were suspicious, President Tayyip Erdoğan once again showed the misogynist face of the state with the circular he announced on November 25th.

According to the circular, “anger management and effective communication” workshops will be conducted for perpetrators of violence against women within the scope of 6284, while “evidence-based” policies will be developed for battered women. In other words, rather than conducting an investigation based on the woman’s statement, the woman will have to prove the violence and harassment. This will make it more difficult for violence and harassment to be revealed. The main purpose here is to prevent women who are subjected to violence, harassment and abuse from speaking out and filing complaints when they cannot provide evidence, to protect murderers and rapists, and to further consolidate the foundations of the male-dominated system. At least four more women were murdered on November 25th, the day Erdoğan announced this.

Ydk Calls for Organizing on November 25

Yeni Demokrat Kadın (New Democratic Women) carried out its November 25th activities with the slogan “Let’s Liberate Our Lives Surrounded by Oppression and Violence by Organizing!”. YDK members met with women in Gazi, Yunus Emre, 75th Year and Sarıgazi neighborhoods of Istanbul and carried out many activities and studies on the problems in Turkey in the context of women’s liberation struggle, deepening poverty and Palestinian resistance.

Prisoner Partisans Publish November 25 Message

Prisoner Partisans published a message on the occasion of November 25th. “Our labor, our body, our identity is ours! This life, which the male-dominated imperialist capitalist system ignores, is also ours!” In the message titled “We salute all our women who stand in the middle of life and fight with the spirit of solidarity and struggle of November 25th and turn their voices into screams and rebellion!”

On November 25th, The Streets Echoed With Women’s Slogans Of Revolt Against Violence

On November 25th, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, women took to the streets in many parts of Turkey and gave a message of rebellion and freedom against violence, unjust wars, poverty and state violence against women in struggle.

In Istanbul, hundreds of women gathered in Mecidiyeköy with the call of the 25 November Women’s Platform and emphasized that their struggle and solidarity will continue against male state violence, femicides, exploitation and war policies, and all attacks of the male-dominated system.

In Ankara, women gathered at Kolej Square and marched to Sakarya Street, saying “We are united against war, crisis, poverty and male-state violence”.

Dersim Women’s Platform marched from Art Street to Seyit Rıza Square with the banner “organizing against poverty, inequality, violence and war”.

In Amed, the police attacked the march organized by Dicle Amed Women’s Platform detained three people with torture.

The police attacked the November 25 demonstration in Şırnak and detained many women, including three journalists, under torture.

Hundreds of women took to the streets in all provinces of the Aegean region, emphasizing their struggle against violence and sending greetings to women resisting in Palestine, Rojava and Afghanistan.

Women who came together with the call of Hatay Women Strong Together marched with the banner “We will not make peace with your violence! We women will build a new life!” marched with a banner.

In Syrian Kurdistan, protests were organized in many centers led by women with the slogan ‘Jin, jiyan, azadi against all forms of violence and occupation’.

Women in Izmir, Bursa, Eskişehir, Adana, Mersin, Mersin, Tarsus, Trabzon, Artvin, Samsun, Samsun, Rize, Aydın, Sivas, Antalya also took to the streets and called for a struggle against violence.

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