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Proletarians, oppressed peoples and nations of the world, unite!



On the occasion of the commemoration by the masses of our Arab nation of the fiftieth anniversary of the “War of 6 October 1973,” during which the Arab soldier would attack and reclaim for a few days the Golan Heights in northern Palestine, and at the same time, it crossed the east bank of the Suez Canal destroying the Bar Lev line placed by the Zionist enemy on this vital naval route occupied after the 1967 war, it is our Arab popular masses and its patriotic and fighting forces in Palestine reconfirm their attachment and persistence and adhere once again to the path of the armed struggle waged throughout a long and uninterrupted struggle of our people, fighting and of full and total conviction in this strategic path and the only real one for national liberation and class emancipation, despite the zigzags or difficulties of the road which may arise, and this in order to crush intervention and imperialist hegemony and to destroy and eradicate its tools: the Zionist entity and their lackeys of reactionaries feudal and compradors local Arab. It is a long-term struggle for national liberation and the emancipation of the oppressed Arab masses.

Our people in Palestine, welded together with all the masses of their Arab nation, are still firm in the face of the imperialist enemy and its advanced aggressive base installed on our land – the Zionist entity. Neither the enemy’s arsenal, nor its abundant and diversified modern equipment, nor its technical superiority, nor the reactionary front that supports it, have intimidated them. The flame illuminating the resistance will never be extinguished, and they will never be able to take it out of the hearts of our working masses from our heroic people everywhere in our oppressed homeland, from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the east’s Arab Gulf, the imperialist fleets deployed could not and will never succeed in diverting them from believing that the path of armed resistance is the only path towards liberation and emancipation.

Once again, despite all the capitulation and liquidationist projects that world imperialism and its local feudal and compradors and opportunist tools are trying to spread in order to eradicate the spirit of resistance and the path of armed struggle, like majestic mountains, the masses always stood in front of these enemies and dropped the mulberry leaf from their nakedness, unmasking their maneuvers. Like rocks, our masses are standing to counter all these military and political attempts and operations to expose the illusions and tools that the enemy is trying to sow, paving the way for the failure of the reactionary counter-revolutionary campaigns waged in the face of its struggles to annihilate the revolutionary forces who must be vigilant to renounce illusions and close the ranks and the unity of the genuine M-L-M revolutionaries to advance the struggle and to lead the oppressed masses until the achievement of the historic revolutionary tasks: the tasks of the revolution of the Arab new democracy.

The crossing of resistance today is neither unique nor out of context: the Battle of El-Karama in 1968 is remembered as a staggering response to the projects of capitulation after the 1967 war, on 11 March 1978, the crossing of the Dalal Al-Mughrabi group from the shores of Lebanon to the shores of Jaffa in our occupied land in 48, in a heroic operation in response to the betraying agreements at Camp David in 1977, The gliders used today during the operation of “Flood of Al-Aqsa” also remind us of those who attacked in the night of November 11, 1987, during the “Qibya Operation” on the Gibour’s Zionist camp in northern Palestine, and was led by a group of heroes from our nation from different districts: Tunisia, Palestine and Syria… showing the unity of blood and cause, which paved the way for the first Intifada which was triggered on the 8th of December 1987, as a renewed response to the capitular and liquidationists attempts following the agreement of the 17th May 1985, and others of of treason’s projects . We also remember the crossing to the south with the liberation of our Arab land in southern Lebanon in 2000 and the defeat of the Zionist enemy… and others who expressed and still express a firm and established truth that resistance is the main tendency, and that defeats and setbacks are only zigzags on the road and temporary as long as they have not pushed us to deviate from our convictions and harm our faith in our great revolutionary principles and the validity of the political line that guides our revolution uniting us with our people, nor to abandon the path of armed struggle as the only inevitable path to victory.

Today, with the new crossing, and under the impact of the operation “Al-Aqsa Flood,” led by the Al-Qassam Brigades – the military organization affiliated with the Hamas movement, this confirming the beginning of the defeat and the fall of mask of the new conspiracy which the imperialist enemy and its tools of Zionism the feudal reactionary compradors and opportunism Arab revisionists have tried to realize and to pass under the cover of the self-said “Arab Spring” and “democratization” and to drag on to the illusions of “peaceful transformations,” “parliamentary competition” and calls for “coexistence and class reconciliation”, and the slogans of “achieving peace and brotherhood” and “renouncing violence and terrorism,” which are merely to destroy the revolutionary line of resistance, ignore and deny the national question by denying the reality of the existence of an Arab nation, spreading regionalism, sectarian conflicts and confessionalism, national and class capitulation, and obscure the true essence of the democratic question that one can only be resolved by crushing the old reactionary class system with his state and his class tools and the classes of which he represents his interests. this question whose essence is the destruction of the semi-feudal and comprador predominant mode and relations of production where the imperialism provides the cover and conditions for continuity and survival of this reactionary mode and relations of production, which makes our society a colonized and semi-feudal country whose oppressed masses struggle to accomplish the tasks of new democracy revolution, in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolutions.

Today, and with the epic of the “new crossing”, we see that the faithing in line of armed struggle for liberation, and the audacity to go towards the enemy to exhaust it to liberate our occupied land from imperialist dirt to take its shine again, and shows the extent of its consolidation and the adhesion of the masses on it. Once again, and to emphasize, we argue that the main contradiction prevails throughout this present historical period in our nation the contradiction between world imperialism – mainly American – and the Zionist entity its war tool, on the one hand, and on the other the masses of our Arab people. We mention here that the main form in which this contradiction emerges is the direct occupation of key areas of our Arab homeland and that its most heinous form is the occupation by the settlements colonies and by fragmentating our country into so-called “Independent countries and sovereign states” distributed under the hegemony of various imperialists protecting their compradors and feudal local reactionaries lackeys exercising their authority for the benefit of their classes and their imperialist masters in each district entrusted to them, separating this districts from the others by the so-called borders or barriers. Today, This embrace of the masses in this armed action, despite the enormous sacrifices that have been made and will be made, come to refute the theories of obliges of “the peacefully accumulation and in peace conditions,” or to arguing for “one separate isolated program and trajectory for each region” and fragmenting the struggle on district basis that its essence is only the denial and renounce of national Arabic question and renounce of the obligatory for a one unified program and the need for a single political general line and a single communist party and single revolutionary army going one Arabic protracted people’s war. These theories can only lead to abandoning the revolutionary line to fall into reformism, as they are now, and neglecting the dialectically deal with the relationship between the main contradiction and the other fundamental contradictions, neglecting to hold the generalization of the validity and the obligation adopting the line of revolutionary violence on here highest form – people’s war – as obligatorily the only way to resolve all the fundamental contradictions according to the specific conditions and the way that helps to accomplish the strategic tasks of the current historical stage.

In the epic of the new crossing, we witness this spontaneous uprising of our Arab masses in various arenas, supporting the path of armed struggle and this fight, which is being carried out once again with weapons, forces, rifles and tactics among which the great absent always remains a proletarian leadership: the true communist party M-L-M principally Maoist. We miss the absence of a decisive force to direct this revolutionary torrent towards its right and final goal and destination, adopting a strategy and tactics that are correct and solidly clear from an insistence on continuing the struggle without relentless calm or compromise. We miss the presence of a proletarian MLM-Maoist Party which builds and leads the three revolutionary tools in the patriotic and class struggle, and conducts its main form of application, namely the revolutionary war – the Arab protracted people’s war – and the mobilization of the masses in the various sectors and fronts of struggle and organized them in the main form of organization, that is to say the revolutionary army. Our revolutionary war – the Arab protracted people’s war – will have two fundamental characteristics when it breaks out: a revolutionary national war against the imperialist enemy that occupies our country through the intervention and direct presence of its armies in the form of settlements and colonies, military bases, and in parallel with a revolutionary civil war in the zones of domination of the feudal comprador system, in the rest of the zones of our country where indirect hegemony of the various imperialists is exercised, in our vast countryside surrounding the cities. Its leading force and support come mainly from the poor and impoverished peasant masses. The main character of the Arab people’s war will be that it is a war of national liberation, and its secondary characteristic is a revolutionary civil war, which is conducted in a dialectical relationship with the main form of this war, without being postponed or excluded. It is also conducted wherever the subjective factor is available, in the service of the implementation of the revolutionary strategy and until victory.

It is therefore the absence of the proletarian leadership that we miss today: the unity of genuine M-L-M Arabs Communists within a powerful and genuine Arab Communist Party, an M-L-M Party principally Maoist, which prepares the conditions and creates and leads the revolutionary tools – the three magical weapons – to accomplish the Arab new democracy revolution as part of the world proletarian revolution and as one of its duties, struggling to establish a new democratic society under the leadership of the proletariat in our Arab homeland, as Comrade Mao says to “close the Western front to imperialism” pursue the revolution towards socialism and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat and defend it through successive cultural revolutions, weapons protecting them from the danger of apostasy until they reach, with the rest of the oppressed peoples of the world, the final radiant communist future, the ultimate goal of the struggle against class division and oppression.

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