November 29: International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On November 29 the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was held and thousands of people around the world took the streets to show their support with the armed resistance of the Palestinian people. We previously reported.

In Norway, demonstrations and rallies have continued in support of Palestinian resistance, which on November 25 were carried out together with the day against violence against women, as we reported.

In Trondheim, on November 25, the Struggle Committee participated in a demonstration organized by the ‘Palestinian Committee in Trøndelag’ and ‘Students with Palestine in Trondheim’, where many people took the streets. During the march, the experiences that the Palestinians themselves shared and compared to the policy of the bourgeois parties to continue the genocide with the enormous sums spent by the State to remove animals from Ukraine were highlighted. Slogans as “Let Gaza live”, “Let the children live,” “Free Palestine” and “Lift the blockade, release them” were also shouted.

In Oaxaca, Mexico, Sol Rojo participated in a march on the International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People. A thousand people attended this march and the presence of Sol Rojo stood out with “the red flags of the democratic revolution and the Palestine flags”, as a sign of proletarian internationalism. They also shouted slogans as “Yankees out of Latin America / Zionists out of Palestine / UN out of Iraq / Death to NATO, death of NATO”, dazibaos were put up, pamphlets were distributed. At the end of the demonstration, Solrojista’s torches were lit, a rally was held and the Yankees and Zionist flags were burned.

In Mexico City, there was a huge march where thousands participated, but the police denied this, ensuring that there were only 500.

Demonstration of “500 people”, according to the police. Source: Sol Rojo

Last Sunday, November 30th, in Linz, Austria, there was a large demonstration in support of Palestine. It was the first demonstration in solidarity in the city and was very successful, with a large number of attendees. Rote Fahne reports that many slogans as “Freedom for Palestine” or “End to occupation” were shouted and powerful speeches were made in favor of the Palestinian people.

Demonstration in Linz, Austria. Source: Rote Fahne

Throughout Brazil, a great campaign to support the Palestinian people still is being developed, which includes graffiti, posters, banners, flags and all kinds of actions that show solidarity with the people in the struggle against Israel. We attach some of the images, but you can see all the actions here:

There were also multiple demonstrations on November 30, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People and A Nova Democracy reports on the actions from the Support Committees.

In Rio de Janeiro there were great demonstrations in support of the Palestinian national resistance, where the flag of the United States and the State of Israel were burned.

Report of the demonstration in Rio de Janeiro. Source: AND

In Goiânia, the Solidarity Committee of the Palestinian People – Goiás held a demonstration with more than 200 students, workers, religious leaders, members of the Arab community and activists. The Zionist genocide and the role of press monopoly cover up their crimes were denounced.

Demonstration in Goiâna, Brazil. Source: AND

In Recife, the demonstration had 400 attendees and slogans as “Out of Gaza Fascist Israel”or “Enough massacre. Military Police in the favelas and Israel in Palestine!” were shouted.

Demonstration of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee together with other groups. Source: AND

In São Paulo, there were thousands of attendants. Slogans as “free Palestine, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” were shouted. The Brazilian Solidarity Center with the Peoples (Cebraspo) also attended.

Finally, we recommend to our readers to see the interview that Nouvelle Epoque has made to various people who have participated in the struggles that have occurred since October 7:

Video interviewing mobilized people. Source: Nouvelle Epoque

In Germany, Hamburg, there were several actions this weekend. Saturday, there was the first “allowed” demonstration in the city. Activist of the Red League and other revolutionary organizations participated carrying a banner that reads “It is right to rebel!” in german and arabic.

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