Actions for the births of Chairman Mao and Chairman Gonzalo

We collect actions carried out internationally in honor of Chairman Mao and Chairman Gonzalo. This month, as we announced in our exclusive publication, an international campaign for the 130th of Chairman Mao has been done. Together with this, this past December 3rd was the birthday of Chairman Gonzalo and actions have been done.

Chairman Mao

The Danish webpage Socialistisk Revolution published a graffiti on the 130th anniversary of Chairman Mao on December 26th . The graffiti were done in a proletarian neighborhood of Copenhagen and reads “Long live the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao!”, “Long live Maoism!” and “Unite under Maoism!”

In Tampere, Finland, the Punalippu page echoes a poster put up for the 130th anniversary campaign of the birth of Chairman Mao.

Chairman Gonzalo

In Brazil, Servir Ao Povo has launched a campaign for the anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo. In Curitiba, graffitis have appeared with the slogan “Long live Chairman Gonzalo and his almighty Gonzalo’s Thought!”, signed by the Revolutionary Front.

We also have received photos from an action done by revolutionary youth in the neighborhood of Harlem, New York.

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