New actions in support of Palestine

Since the last time we reported, many actions have taken place in support of the Palestinian people. Here we publish some of them:

In the climate conference summit COP28 held in Dubai, Arab Emirates, over 100 activists demonstrated on the sidelines of the summit demanding a ceasefire in Gaza. The activists shouted slogans as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will win!” or “Free Palestine!”

Activists in the COP28 summit. Source: Thomson Reuters

In Amman and other cities of Jordan, people are gathering on Friday in pro-Palestine protests and to denounce the massacres committed by Israel.

People protesting in support of Palestine. Source: Social Media

In the Amazonas State University, a seminary on the situation of Palestine was held, as A Nova Democracia reported. The seminary, called “Palestinian voices and the International Human Right” gathered more than 200 attendants and was an important place to denounce the crimes committed by Israel and to support the Palestinian National Resistance.

Amazonas. Source: AND

Also the Committee in Solidarity with the Palestinian People did several presentation on the support of the Palestinian National Resistance and the rejection of the State of Israel. The presentations were held on 27th and 29th of November in the Federal High School of Goiás and in the Education Campus of the UFG.

Goiana. Source: AND

Here we publish two unofficial translations of poems on Palestine:

Boys from Gaza

Written by Maxuel Chaves

The black and fluffy eyebrows

The deep ellipses that form these eyes

Who face wars from Canaan

They inaugurated a new phase of our era

The boys from Gaza

They wrote a manifesto under the rubble

A call to all the fenced ghettos on Earth

So that they never turn the other cheek again

A Poet Behind Bars – Dareen Tatour

In my Jerusalem, I dressed my wounds
And I breathed my sorrows to God,
Who carried the soul in my palm
Towards an Arab Palestine.

I will not succumb to the “peaceful solution”
Since the poison spread,
Killing flowers in my house.

I never lowered my flags,
Until I expel them from my land.
I wish they would kneel for a while.

Resist my people! Resist!

Resists the colonist’s theft.
Destroying the constitution is shameful,
That imposes degradation and humiliation
And it prevents us from restoring justice.

Resist my people! Resist!
Follow the caravan of martyrs!
They burned children without guilt,
As for Hadil, they denounced her in public.
He killed her in broad daylight.
As for Muhammad, they plucked out his eyes,
They crucified him, in drawn pain

In a body.

They poured hate on Ali!
The fires started,

Hopes burned in the cradle.
Resist the colonialist’s attack.
Don’t call your agents among us,
That chain us with peaceful illusion.
Don’t be afraid of Merkava!
The truth in your heart is stronger,
As long as you resist in one land!

This has lived tirelessly through invasions.
Then Ali called from his tomb:

Resist, my rebellious people.
Write to me like prose on agarwood;
My remains have you as an answer.

Resist my people! Resist!

You can find more poems here.

In Glasgow, more than 100 activists have blockaded the BAE Systems factory in Govan to protest against the genocide in Palestine. The company has a tight relation with Israel, including the trade of weapons, defence and supplies. The demonstrators want also to pressure not only the factory, but the UK government to endorse a permanent ceasefire in Palestine and put and end in the occupation of Palestine. They want to show other workers that they do not have to take part of the “chain of killing”.

Protesters blocking the gates of BAE System factory. Source: Hassan Ghani

This is not the only blockade that is being held in the country. In the arms factory L3 Harry another blockade was done, also in Bournemouth and Govan.

In Paris, France, where the support to Palestine is still banned, thousands attendant a demonstration for the Palestinian people and to demand a “permanent ceasefire” and to denounce the “genocide” of the Palestinians. The demonstrators chanted “We are all children of Gaza” and “Stop the massacre”.

Source: AFP

Students of the California State University together with Filipino rights groups organized a march that held 100 attendants. The activists denounce the support of US to Israel, which has raised $130 billions since 1948. Slogans as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” were shouted and also denouncing speeches were held.

Source: Griffin O’Rourke

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