Manipur: More than a dozen killed

Featured image: Map of Manipur.

Thirteen Meitei killed in Tengnoupal district of Manipur’s border region with Myanmar.

Near the Leithao village, close to Saibol, in the Tengnoupal district, thirteen alleged members of the People’s Liberation Army were killed. The ‘PLA’ is one of nine Meitei-organisations banned by the old Indian State in November.

The Union Home Ministry said in a statement: „The development is likely to encourage other Meitei underground outfits to join the peace process and pursue their demands in a democratic manner.” Said that regarding the National Revolutionary Front Manipur joined the United National Liberation Front, that signed a peace accord with the Government of Manipur and the Government of India in November, the timely fitting seems to be no coincidence. The obvious doubts what was meant is nurtured by the fact that ‚The Hindu‘ published both news – of the capitulation and of the massacre – in the very same article.

All the Kuki inhabitants of the small hamlet of only about seven houses, the Leithao village is, fled after the incident. Hence, it seems unlikely that “village defense groups” who “patrol the areas to ward off possible attacks from the other community”, as it was indicated by Indian media, are responsible.

The women’s market in Imphal West, a popular tourist destination, was effected by a bandh to mourn the murdered.

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