The militarization of the State and the growth of the pro-Palestinian movement

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Nouvelle Epoque:

For a month now, the entire world has been shaken by a wave of people’s protests, supporting the just struggle of the Palestinian nation for its liberation. In France, the struggle to defend Palestine is at the center of all attention, and attracts the wrath of the corrupt government, which defends tooth and nail the Zionist narrative and the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Historically, pro-Palestinian demonstrations and actions in France have been received with bitterness by our leaders: this is normal, because by attacking Zionism we directly attack the interests of French capitalists, of all the large companies which are closely or indirectly linked. away from Israeli colonization. If we investigate correctly, we see that absolutely ALL French economic monopolies who exploit us here for miserable wages have a financial or material role in the colonization of Palestine. The current regime being completely subject to the Stock Exchange, it could not do otherwise than repress any combative voice that is raised against the Nakba. But for several years already, with the growing intensification of the Palestinian Resistance, the authorities have reacted in an epidermal manner: we must remember the demonstrations against the bombings and massacres of 2 years ago, which had been severely repressed in all the cities and mainly in Paris. The police had beaten, gassed and arrested numerous people after the Minister of the Interior had chosen to ban all demonstrations of this type. Already, many of us have alerted the population to such anti-democratic activities.

This time, Macron, Darmanin and all the puppets subject to capital are no longer hiding at all: the repression is total. From the beginning of October, every pro-Palestinian demonstration was systematically banned and fines were distributed en masse; and this continues until today, in defiance of their own laws, in defiance of the constitution, in defiance of the most elementary democracy. Taking out a Palestinian flag from our window can land us in police custody and a fine; simple tweets of support for the Gazan population by Benzema become “apologies for terrorism”; and any organization or group that has not renounced its principles for fear of the State is threatened with dissolution. All this is experienced as a crying injustice by the popular masses, who hold in their hearts the right of people to self-determination: how can we dare to reverse the roles and crush the noble Palestinian struggle? It is the Zionists who deserve this treatment, they who massacre, who mutilate, who have imprisoned for more than 70 years. We are walking on our heads: they are the ones that all television channels should insult and denounce as terrorists, it is the Zionist lobbies that should be dissolved!

It cannot be otherwise: the State does not think in terms of the people, but in terms of the ruling class, its financial interests on a larger scale. What seems logical, accepted and which passes for simple humanity for us, is only a vile, cold and subjective calculation for them. Their vision of the world is then disseminated through all possible channels, and this is how reality is reversed: the executioners become the victims.

We are facing a real offensive from the Ministry of the Interior, which represents the militarization and more global reactionarization of society. With the excuse of “anti-Semitism” or “terrorism”, the State today represses any dissenting voice and applies heavy sanctions. The security forces (police and intelligence services) are fully mobilized, as they have not been for a long time for a subject relating to the external situation (which, ultimately, is also an “internal situation!) . Once again, this clearly proves that French capitalists have powerful interests to defend in the Middle East, and that is why they systematically side with the Zionist side, and treat the Palestinian people as “terrorists”.

Faced with the growing struggles in Palestine as in France, the old order therefore uses numerous excuses to take a new step in becoming more reactionary. After the retirement battle and especially the Glorious Uprising of June 2023 following the murder of Nahel, where he faced his own weakness, there remains no other choice than to accelerate the movement. More and more cops, everywhere; ever more cameras, police surveillance; ever more bans on gatherings, dissolutions, pressure against activists, convictions. All this is happening little by little, and paves the way for the development of fascism in France; every year, the State sinks ever deeper into its contradictions, struggle after struggle.

Against this new great wave of attacks from the Ministry of the Interior, which in fact only represents the fear of the powerful of definitively losing control, we must unite all progressive and democratic forces. Those who cannot agree to tone down their speech or be timid in their actions under the pretext of seeing themselves attacked by a State at the end of its life must stand side by side in the battle that is coming. We must speak out differently, denounce the lies and reestablish the truth. The current struggle is a just struggle, for democracy, liberation and national independence in Palestine, an age-old struggle which conflicts with the supporters of the old world here too.

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