World-wide actions in solidarity with the Palestinian people continue

As the death toll in Gaza exceeds 18,000 people, actions to denounce the genocide continue all over the world.

In Tamale, Ghana, thousands participated in a protest for Palestine.

Up to 100,000 participated in a demonstration in London, many criticizing the decision of the UK to abstain from the ceasefire vote in the UN security council.

In Newham, England, a march denouncing the complicity of British imperialism was organized.

In Madrid, Spanish State, activists have participated in different mobilizations in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people, distributing the statement of the ICL and a special number of the newspaper Servir al Pueblo on Palestine.

In Albacete, Spanish State, the statement of the ICL has been distributed in Arabic and Spanish. Source: Servir al Pueblo

In France, multiple actions have taken place.

Activists in a demonstration in Paris on the 20th of November. Source: @Ligue_J_R on X
Combative demonstrations have continued in Paris despite repression. Source: : @JR_EF_ on X
In Hérouville, a demonstration was organized to support the struggle of the Palestinian people. Source: @JR_EF_ on X
Also the campaign for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has continued. Source: @Ligue_J_R on X

In Hamburg, Germany, an event discussing the struggle of the Palestinian people as well as the repression against solidarity in Germany was organized by the Palestine-Alliance Hamburg. On the next day, the activists of the Red League participated together with other forces of the Palestine Alliance to the demonstration in the city. After eight weeks of a general ban on demonstrations for Palestine, the ban was lifted by the administrative court after complaints.

In Cologne, activists of the Red League took part in a large demonstration with a banner saying ”Long live the heroic national resistance of the Palestinian people!” In the demonstration, it was denounced that a cease fire is not enough but Palestine must be liberated. The police attempted to control the expressions used by the participants, for example arbitrarily banning words such as ”child murderer” or ”genocide”. Despite these attacks, the demonstration went on to denounce the genocide carried out by Israel.

In Essen, the slogan ”Down with Zionism and imperialism!” was painted. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In Issaquah, Washington, US, students organized a walkout in support of the struggle of the Palestinian people and denouncing the role of the US imperialism in the genocide.

In Bergen, Norway, hundreds of health workers at Haukeland hospital protested the targeting of hospitals, ambulances and health workers in Palestine.

Health workers of the Haukeland hospital holding signs denouncing the attacks on medical personnel in Gaza. Source: TFM

In Dublin, Ireland, activists protested the presence of the British warship HMS Penzance on the 20th of November and showed solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people, denouncing that British imperialism is a complicit in the genocide in Palestine. Three activists were arrested and held overnight.

On the 9th of December activists participated in a demonstration in Dublin.

Contingent of anti-imperialists in a demonstration in Dublin. Source: @SaoirseDonPh on X

In Aalborg, Denmark, a demonstration for Palestine was organized on short notice to protest Israel breaking the cease fire and the offensive against southern Gaza on the 7th of December. The police tried to stop the demonstration, but failed due to the resistance of the participants.

Slogans, such as ”Down with Zionism! Down with imperialism!” has been painted in Aalborg. Source: Socialistisk Revolution
Activists have also distributed fliers in a proletarian neighborhood in Aalborg. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

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