International Celebration for the 130 years of the birth of Chairman Mao takes place in Colombia

More than 150 revolutionary workers, peasants, youth and women activists of the people celebrated, in Colombia, the 130 years of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung. The celebration was organized by the newspapers Nueva Democracia (Colombia) and El Pueblo (Chile), attending the call of the Campaign of International Celebration called by the International Communist League (ICL), and had the presence of international delegations, democratic and revolutionary mass movements from more than a dozen of countries.

The international delegations were assisted by a dedicated translators team, who immediately translated the documents done in the event in different language and made simultaneous translation during the greetings, interventions and debates. The organization of the event, acting with economy and diligence, providing a logistics and high level control measures for the good staying and security of the attendants.

In the initial greeting, the organizers stated: “We, the revolutionaries, have conveyed ourselves these days to commemorate the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, upholding, defending and applying his legacy in the current struggles against imperialism, against bureaucratic capitalism and against all oppression. Understanding the deep importance of the legacy of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung for the current revolutionary struggle and with full consciousness of our concrete circumstances, in these days, we are going to know the experience of the struggles developing and we will have the opportunity to interchange experiences to strengthen these struggles”.

Right after, a statement sent by International Communist League to the event was read, in which the importance of Maoism and the current situation of the ICM in its struggle to Unite under Maoism stood out. The International Communist Movement and the National Liberation Movement are going through decisive moments, witnessinga turning point in the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, the opening of the new stage of revolutions in a breaking point inside the World Proletarian Revolution. With the foundation of the ICL the two-line struggle and the struggle for the unity were elevated into a superior level in the International Communist Movement, and urge even more to all the communists in the world to unite under Maoism and to reconstitute the glorious Communist International”, washighlighted.

Thus initiated, the celebration had two different moments. The first one of those were presentations of several delegations of the theoretic-practical works of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and Maoism, followed by greetings of the democratic and revolutionary mass movements present. In this moment, the importance of the Maoist thesis of New Democratic Revolution and the exact definition of bureaucratic capitalism, the people’s war and the construction of the three fundamental instruments of the Revolution were highlighted.

In the second moment, the delegations initiated the work to launch the Anti-imperialist League. The idea of its necessity being unanimous among the delegations, they heard an initial proposal of program, principles and statutes of the Anti-imperialist League, and began the first discussions. A preparatory commission for the construction of the Anti-Imperialist League, whose function will be to organize the debates and hold them with the mass movements that were involved in the construction of it, was elected.

The celebration had, in addition, an overwhelming declaration of support to the Palestinian resistance. The preparatory commission for the Anti-imperialist League wrote, and the plenary approved, a declaration titled “Full support to the Palestinian National Resistance”, that had more than 18 signing mass organizations.

Thus, the 130 years of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung were overwhelmingly celebrated by the revolutionary masses of several parts of the world. At the end or in the middle of each workday, the delegations were deeply moved with interventions of cultural contributions, saturating all the room with its deep feelings of struggle against imperialism and its lackeys. Everyone emerged with full will of struggle, wanting to contribute to the construction of the Anti-imperialist League and unanimous convinced of its necessity.

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