Against the traitors, snitches and police agents in the communist movement of the USA

Featured Image: May day in Austin (Texas), 2021. Source: Tribune of the People

We publish an unofficial translation of the statement of the PCm published on Servir al Pueblo:

The Maoist Communist Party (Spanish State) that struggles for the reconstitution of the glorious and heroic Communist Party of Spain (PCE), fulfilling its international duty to denounce traitors and police agents, wants to denounce the webpage and express its solidarity within the communist movement in the United States.

We express the most overwhelming rejection and we denounce those who administrate and collaborate with as snitching individuals, anti-communists and collaborators of the police. They publish allegedly internal documents, names and biography of alleged members of CR-CPUSA1, as well as alleged information on other international communist organizations. The website also calls on former members of other international organizations to also turn into snitches and to expose information on revolutionary organizations. In this webpage of renegades, snitches and promoters of snitching, defenders of the counter-revolutionary ideology and direct or indirect collaborators of the reaction.

It must be clear that it is not a two-line struggle or difference among communists or revolutionaries, but it is about renegades of communism that develop an anti-communist campaign, camouflaged to “prevent youth from entering into a sect”. They try to hide behind possible two-line struggle within the communists or revolutionaries of the United States, but in reality they attack communism, the Communist Party, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and they collaborate with the police giving them information that, real or false, only contributes to facilitate the work of the reaction and they pretend to be useful to centralize information of other snitches.

This webpage attacks the basic principles of Marxism, using the most anti-communist bourgeois academical arguments, and to make clear which band they are in, they openly reference to “anti-terrorist” counter-revolutionary organizations such as the Peruvian NGO Waynakuna, that among other things, says that it“will proceed to communicate with the United States embassy, through former military officersin retirement. Due to this fact [the supposed relation among different communists groups from all around the world with the CR-CPUSA] the corresponding information will be sent to them. In the course of the days, this information and other data will also be sent to the National Direction against terrorism, DINCOTE”.

All communists, revolutionaries and true democrats must reject these practices and not let themselves be fooled in any way thinking that a two-line struggle is being held or that it is about “saving youth from the cults”. They cooperate directly or indirectly with the reaction and are snitching individuals and renegades that have gone over to serve the counter-revolution.

We express our solidarity with all communists and honest revolutionaries in the United States that are looking to overcome the ongoing situation of the Communist movement of the country.

Unite under Maoism!

Struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist Party of the United States!

Maoist Communist Party (Spanish State)

1st of December, 2023

1Committee for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of the United States (CR-CPUSA)

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