Nigeria: Protesters keep demanding justice for the victims of the Kaduna massacre

Residents of the village Tudun Biri in Kaduna, Nigeria, have sued the Nigerian government, demanding 33 billion Nigerian Nairas (around 41,700,000 US dollars) as compensation of the bombing which claimed the lives of over 90 people, among them elderly and children. We have earlier reported on the massacre. They also demand the government to make a public apology, in which the right to life of the villagers is recognized. The government has attempted to dismiss the massacre by calling it a mere mistake, and the villagers demand that the government admits that the bombing was unconstitutional and a grave violation of international laws.

On the 11th of December, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria protested the bombing in Abuja. The protesters called the federal government to prosecute the officers responsible for the attack, and said that the explanation that this was a mistake is unacceptable. In addition, the Nigerian Farmers Supreme Council made a statement in which they demanded that the massacre is not swept under the rug.

The government is not admitting the massacre and the grave violation of international laws, and vow to continue the war against the people. In order to make a distraction, the lawmakers are now proposing N350 million to rebuild the village, and some individual politicians have donated money to the families of the victims. However, this incident was not the first but one of many similar ”accidental” bombings of civilians, and there is no sign that it would be the last.

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