Actions against Imperialism and in Solidarity with Palestine

Featured image: Norwegian tanker MK Strinda which brought oil to Israel, being attacked by a missile from the Houthies.

The Israeli genocidal attack against the Palestinian people continues, and recently it has been known that they assaulted a hospital, attacking the medical staff, and also completely destroyed a school under the protection of the United Nations. Given this, the Palestinian people fiercely combats and resists in Gaza, causes harsh casualties to the armed forces of the State of Israel and carries out heroic resistance actions, for example a large ambush made by the Al-Qassam Brigades that has reportedly eliminated 35 Israeli soldiers. Afterwards another ambush was reported in which 9 Israeli soldiers were eliminated, including two veteran high rank officers.

Meanwhile, in the occupied West Bank the support to the Palestinian National Resistance is skyrocketing, and has tripled in just two months, according to studies made by Palestinian media. Also, this same studies has shown how the 57% of the Palestinians in Gaza and the 82% in occupied West Bank considers the counteroffensive launched at the 7th of October against Israel rightful. The support to the traitor Abbas has fell down, and the 92% of the participants in the polls in West Bank are asking for the resign of Abbas. He is recognized as a traitor and a lackey of imperialism, supported by Yankee imperialism which recently was proposing him to take control of Gaza.

The Palestinian people also shows their unity and strength struggling in occupied West Bank where a general strike has been convened in support of the Palestinian people and against Israeli attacks and the support of Yankee imperialism to the genocide. In the city of Hebron there was a powerful and combative mobilization of the Palestinian people:

There was another mobilization carried out in Ramallah, where the massacre committed by Israel in Gaza was denounced:

Palestinian protesters carrying a list with all the Palestinians killed in Gaza. Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency.

Palestinian protesters marching in Ramallah. Source: MENA FN.

Solidarity actions have occurred on all continents, highlighting the events in the Middle East. We have previously reported on other solidarity actions carried out.

The most outstanding action occurred on Monday night to Tuesday, when a Norwegian oil tanker who took oil to Israel, was hit by a cruise missile fired by the Houthis from Yemen, this ship being on fire, asked for help to the Yankee Navy and fled to a port to be repaired. The Houthi forces explained that the action had been carried out in support of the oppressed Palestinian people. We share below a video published by A Nova Democracia of the moment in which the fire expands on the ship:

Another armed solidarity action was carried out by Iraqi groups bombarding the Embassy of Yankee imperialism in the capital of the country, Baghdad:

Damage to buildings of the Yankee Embassy of Baghdad. Source: Al Bawaba.

There have been other combative actions in other areas of the world. For example, during the afternoon of Tuesday, December 12, the entrance to the residence of the Yankee Ambassador in Dublin, Ireland:

In New York, USA, activists defending Palestine have signed the New York Times headquarters:

In addition, in recent days, actions of many other types in numerous countries have been carried out.

In Brazil, debates on the heroic Palestinian resistance have been carried out in the Universidade Estadual do Ceará (UECE) and in the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Estadual de Goiás de Palmeiras de Goiás:

In addition, the League of Poor Peasants has issued a statement to support the organization of the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

In France, young revolutionaries have convened a gathering in a proletarian neighborhood of Rennes, in which 60 people have gathered in support of the cause of the Palestinian people:

In addition, the newspaper Nouvelle Epoque have made an interview with a militant for the Palestinian cause.

In Istanbul, Turkey, several banners were hang up in support of the struggle of Palestinian people and condemning the massacres of Israeli Zionism.

There have been mass demonstrations in many cities of the Islamic world. The most massive have occurred in Sana’a, capital of Yemen:

There have been several mass mobilizations in Morocco. One of them has been in Casablanca:

Great mobilization in Casablanca on Monday, December 11. Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency.

Another of them has been in Tangier:

Massive demonstration in Tanger on Monday, December 11. Source: AhlulBayt News Agency.

There has also been another great mobilization in the country’s capital, Rabat:

Great block in Rabat, capital of Morocco. Source: Hazem Bader/AFP.

In Istanbul, Turkey has been a huge demonstration condemning the war of aggression of Israel:

Big demonstration around the main mosque of the city. Source: Tayyib Hosbas/Anadolu.

In Karachi, Pakistan, on Sunday10th of December, there were hundreds of health-workers against Israeli aggression against hospitals in Gaza, demanding the cessation of the attack:

Hundreds of doctors demand the end of Israeli attacks. Source: English Palestinian Information Center.

There have been protests in front of the US Embassy in Nouakchott, Mauritania:

Protesters in front of the Yankee Embassy of Mauritania. Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency.

There has also been a great mobilization in Medan, Indonesia:

Massive demonstration in Meda, northern Sumatra. Source: Islam Times.

In Latin America, the people have also mobilized, pointing at Yankee imperialism as accountable and protesting in front of its embassy in Santiago, Chile:

Protesters point at Yankee imperialism and the state of Israel and its murderous policies. Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency.

Also in Europe there has been another great mobilization in support of the Palestinian people, in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Also in Oceania there have been several mobilizations, for example in Sidney, Australia:

Massive demonstration in Sidney, Australia. Ahlulbayt News Agency.

In recent days an increase could be seen in solidarity mobilizations with the Palestinian people and in denunciation against imperialism and the state of Israel. Very combative actions have been seen in many countries, very prominent militant actions have been carried out that directly point at imperialism, and many mobilizations have been reported from all continents in the world. With this, the peoples of the world show once again being on the side of the Palestinian people.

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