Actions in Solidarity with Palestine

There has been reports on several new actions in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people since the last time we reported on this.

In Italy leaflets with the ICL Call for the week in defense of the people of Palestine has been distributed during demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people in several cities.

Leaflet with the Italian translation of the ICL Call for the week in defense of the people of Palestine. Source: submitted by reader

In Aubervilliers, France, there was a joint action of the JR and the LJR in homage to the martyrs of the Palestinian people.

In Kristiansand, Norway, on Saturday the 16th of December, between 1000 and 1500 people participated in a demonstration in support of the population in Gaza.

Demonstration in support of the people of Gaza, 16th of November, Kristiansand, Norway. Source: Kampkomiteen

On Sunday the 17th of November in Aalborg, Denmark, there was a demonstration condemning the murder of journalists by the IDF.

Banner with the slogan “Long Live the Heroic National Resistance Struggle of the Palestinian People” in danish and Arabic at the demonstration against the murder of journalists by the IDF in Aalborg, Demark. Source: Socialistisk Revolusjon

In the city of Issaquah, Washington, USA there was a march for Palestine.

Demonstration for Palestine in Issaquah, Washington, USA. Source: submitted by reader

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